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Ginger the Convicted Cracker


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Level 14 : Journeyman Button Pusher
When Ginger was first born he was baked with a crack in his head. The baker disregarded him and didn’t give him a family. All the other cookies made fun of Ginger. They called him Cracked Ginger. That name stuck with him throughout his youth. When he graduated High School, Cracked Ginger was beat up and lost an arm. After that he decided he had enough. So one night he made a choice that would change his life for ever. The next morning one boy that had bullied Cracked Ginger had gone missing. The boy was the heir to the Sugar Cookie fortune. They found him with his left arm missing. Ginger showed up with Sugar Cookie’s arm surgically attached to him. The cookie authorities arrested Cracked Ginger and sentenced him to life in cookie jail. Cracked Ginger was furious so while in cookie jail he strengthened himself. His cell mates were other Messed up cookies who were discarded by society. He realized he had to do something about it. Cracked Ginger broke out of cookie jail and lead his army of discarded cookies against the others. Cracked Ginger is on his way to start a rebellion.

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