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Giving New Things A Go - How It Could Help You Achieve More

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avatar Whoever01
Level 45 : Master Princess
Hi guys, I am here with another blog! This blog is about why you should give different things a go, and how it can help you on PMC! Please enjoy!


Do you ever view someone's profile page and see 100 skins and 1 blog, or 42 builds and 3 skins? I do, I do allot. One thing I tend to do is make a heap of blogs and upload a skin every now and then. I upload skins because it is something fun to do when I am a bit tried of writing. Why don't you skin that much? Well, I don't because I'm not the best plus blogging is my true passion, but I can certainly get a skin to the pop reel as frequent as a blog, in a few months :(.

Finding Your Passion

When you are not on PMC or Minecraft, what do you do? This is the number 1 thing to take into consideration when finding out what submissions you would like to upload.

Blog Standards
  • You like writing
  • You enjoy teaching communities
  • You like to rant on about things
  • You are a YouTube vlogger
  • You have many points that you want to spread

Skin Standards

Project Standards

Mod Standards

Those were just some things to help you decide what type of things you can make. I chose blogging because it is easy for me and I suck at nearly everything else (but I am learning to code in HEAPS of languages.)

Another thing you want to take into consideration is do you want XP, or recognition. Blogs and skins are subscription orientated submissions, therefore meaning you post heaps of these and get heaps, and heaps of subscribers, whereas mods and projects are XP orientated, meaning you upload a few and you level up faster than a donkey's legs!

Your 'Idols'

Knowing who your idol is can surely help you create the best submissions you could possibly create! Here is a list of the 2 most recognised PMCers of each of the 4 categories

  • Blogs: Greytopher, OliverFrenchie
  • Skins: Leostereo, DinowCookie
  • Projects: inHaze, Hypixel
  • Mods: micdoodle8, burnner

Try to have a look at these people's submissions, they could help you allot.

With blogs, one thing I did was get them all removed because they were '1 paragraph spam.' Many new bloggers make this mistake. I looked at Zemor's blogs, and wrote blogs in his format, but longer. I then started writing like Greytopher, because he is my #1 inspiration.

Putting It Together

Do you know what you will be making now? Well it is time to put your skills to the test. Go to your idol's page and peek at their submissions, and create your very own (of course, original) submission. You could write to the world with Greytopher's passion, code up a cool mod with burnner's great mind, create a new look for Steve under the influence of Leostereo or even build something with the inHaze essence.

Did you like this blog? Please leave a diamond, fave and comment for feedback! Please, subscribe for new content!

3 replies

04/03/2013 2:15 am
Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
Great blog! I'm like you. I'm meant for blogs and mods. Thanks! :)
04/03/2013 3:10 am
Level 45 : Master Princess
I'm for blogs and skins lol
04/03/2013 6:04 am
Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
Ah :3 I thought you'd be for mods too now that you're learning to code :3

By the way, can you please check your Twitter?
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