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Level 3 : Apprentice Network
GolliCRAFT is a City Economy/RolePlay/Adventure map with 4 contents, 4 recognized countries, and over 27+ cities, boroughs, and districts.
Immerse yourself into a GTA like life of crime, by doing gang missions, or becoming the lead of organized crime... but it doesn’t come without a price. Become a law enforcing police officer and stop at nothing until you’ve cleaned the streets of all scum that’s unlawful. Participate in politics and make the your country or district the best it can possibly be while doing the fire of those drilling it to the ground in their ruthless attempt to make it to the top.

everyone starts on an even playing field, start by doing work for companies and doing odd jobs around the cities, save up some funds and start your own small business that you can oneday turn into a top global company, or sell and retire to you quiet retreat in the mountains.

The adventure is yours, and it starts in GolliCRAFT City Economy.

[only on bedrock realm]
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