Good Bye MCHeli?

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avatar Naxgeneral
Level 51 : Grandmaster Engineer
with full 1 year with MCHELICOPTER i'm get tired with my project and my works and i'm get angry and tired with Model RIPPER that downloaded my pack and reposted with out my permission also they sold my pack to get money and i get no thing

Model RIPPER are people mostly from dark corner of Russia

These Hostile sinner Creatures are Browse over internet to see whose model is down loadable and download them and dub it in to their crappy work without give any model creators credits
I'm getting tired of these Creatures

they download my pack and put it on their site with out give any credits or my name on it

Tired cause of my Home town getting economy disaster and those RIPPER, i also tired with tons of work and my class assignments

Still i devloping MCHeli contentpack. answer is yes but if i still see there people post my pack with out my permission i will stop every thing with mcheli

Now i'm having Vacation with MTS and my projects will delayed 1 or 2 year
MTS Give me nice work
Nice Admin
Knows some Good Friends

and more, than mcheli that i get ripped and bleed to dry by model RIPPER.

Also MTS is Very nice mod on 1.12.2 that give you Vehicles with Amazing Physics
i love it since it MFS

Picture above is my BOEING 737-300 that planed to add to MCHeli but with fear off model ripper so i put it in MTS also there many people DMs me to move this to 1.12.2 so now it will be on MTS Soon

i'm gonna put Curse on all of my models "who use it with out my permission gonna die"

NAXGENERAL 28/9/2020 8:38 PM

10/03/2020 7:54 amhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
U have made a good decision.To me,mcheli is just the begin to mod since its in 1.7.10,that version was release 6 years ago and people are starting to forget it. 1.12.2 have more potential and btw MTS is a new amazing mod to try.We love your model.Keep it up!
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