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Good Mods to have to help PVP!

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TehBubble avatar TehBubble
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Well, a lot of people have trouble PVPing. There are a lot of mods that say they'll help you, but they never work! These are some mods that work and help me and a lot of other people PVP.
1. XRay Mod:
A lot of people are gonna say, "What? How does XRay help me PVP?!?!", but it does if you have a pretty crappy computer. Just double-tap "x" to refresh your screen and you get a lot less lag!
2. Better Sprinting Mod:
Have you ever been PVPing and someone just runs around you really fast and you can't hit them? This lets you do the same. You just hold [SHIFT] to sprint!
No more double tapping "w". You can strafe around people and keep hitting them as they spin around in circles trying to hit you!
3. ArmorStatusHUD Mod:
This mod shows your armor on your screen and shows how many hits it has left until it breaks! This really helps me if im in a long battle!
I hope this list helps you guys and if it does, give this a diamond! Thanks!

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