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This is the story on how, and why I play Minecraft.

4-5 Years ago... I was bored, I decided to go onto Youtube. I got on, and I saw a video, I don't remember the name. But It was a Halloween video. So I clicked on it, thinking "Hmm, this looks different." and I watched it, and I started to watch more videos of Minecraft. Then I found the website, but back then I couldn't afford Minecraft, so I was bummed out to find out it was about Twenty Dollars.

3 years later I finally was able to buy Minecraft. I then found out about Building, and skins. so I looked for a skin, and my first skin was some sort of Creeper. And then I tried building things, but I was terrible at building at the time, rightfully so because I just bought the game. Overtime, I got better, and I'm a pretty good builder today, and plan on making submissions of all sorts of things, but back to the topic.

A year after I bought Minecraft, It was October. And I was so excited about Halloween (Who wouldn't?) and I decided to build some spooky tower and pumpkin field. I Think I still have the save too, but it wasn't really good. I didn't ever get to finish either. Because I just.. Didn't, I don't know why. I guess I was too busy playing TF2.

I'm just keeping this short because it's a pretty LONG story. Anyhow, the reason I played Minecraft, is because It was easier than Lego, and easier than ROBLOX (back then like 2012 I had no Idea the studio was a thing) And on Christmas, I did build a large statue of a character from a different game, a "Blockhead" From Blockland. I have the save, and I might upload it. I named it a weird name, "Blockhead x-mas" But I kept playing Minecraft because of the creative things you can make and save. Unlike Lego, which could break at any second from a simple crush from you/your parents feet coming into your room.

And to this day I still play Minecraft, but I kind of miss the old feel of Minecraft, I'm not saying that Alex was a bad thing, because it brought more possibilities to skinnier characters. And the other layers besides the head was a great update. But it's just the old feel was nice :)

And hey.......... I might build a Halloween map in October *Wink Wink*

The End

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