Greedy Submission & Misleading Titles (Discussion)

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avatar TwilightWarlord
Level 46 : Master Wolf Whisperer

Hi there.

I am TwilightWarlord & this is my first discussion about: Greedy Submissions and Misleading titles.


Ok so what i mean is that people post misleading titles, a.k.a. titles that aren't true.
eg. "How to eat chocolate in minecraft" and in the blog it says nothing about chocolate in MC.

Greedy Submissions, are submissions where people often ask for money, in my belief, i think its wrong, when really making texture packs is more of a pastime, as well as maps.
People also earn money from adfly links.

Is it wrong or right?

I believe it's wrong when really all texture packs were made from the original pack by Mojang.
And Mojang almost NEVER gets mentioned, + the owner makes money.
Whenhave you seen someone say: Original Pack/Template by Mojang.

I know they retextured everything but what if you couldn't copy the default pack. There would be no packs right???

Ik for sure some people like Sphax ask for donations, I think that isn't cool.
I think that the most someone could ask for on this website is a veiw.
To some people thats allot, like me :D

In Conclusion i think that it's wrong that people make money from submissions that are a part of mojang, via default pack.

Ik some people say that: " well we spent allot of time" but, it's your decision how much time you put into it. For servers, It's ok to ask for donations, because it helps run the server, as servers cost $.

Please comment your thoughts

03/21/2013 7:57 pm
Level 36 : Artisan Nerd
"I know they re-textured everything but what if you couldn't copy the default pack. There would be no packs right?"

In all honesty, that's the same as charging a tax for every time someone builds a chair, with the tax money going to the person who made the first chair. If we were to discriminate for using the same idea, just in an extremely different way, creativity as we know it would cease to exist. Creativity, is making something unique, and that's exactly what people like the Sphax team are doing. Yes, they are indeed using a skeleton from Mojang, however it is completely their own work on the textures, and therefore they can ask for reimbursement seeing as how they spent hours of their own time working on the extremely well done textures.
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