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Green and Blue [POP REEL] (Part 2 of "Why is being different so bad?" , and collaboration with Peridot XJ9!)

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This is part 2 of "Why is being different so bad?" (Currently fixing mistakes), and collaboration with one of my wonderful and kind friends, Peridot XJ9! It was a pleasure, And it was very fun working with her!

(Cover art by another wonderful and kind friend, Pidge_Luminosity!)

Some art of Red, also by Pidge_Luminosity!

And now the story begins!

Luna was walking to school, as she always did. She'd already eaten her breakfast, some corned beef with potatoes inside, an omelette with mushrooms, and a cup of orange juice. Made by herself, of course. She was just walking, and suddenly was pulled into an alley. She glanced back, only to see her bully, Red. "What do you want, Red?" She asked. All he did was push her, into a glowing... portal of some kind? She knew this would happen one day. He'd do something to get rid of her somehow. It seemed today was that day. Everything went black. Luna woke up, felt something cold under her, and looked around, to see... a forest? and a snowy forest at that. Red had finally gotten rid of her. She heard something, a quiet sound, probably not too far. She listened carefully, and recognized the sound to be the sound of a person crying. She got up, and ran, wanting to comfort whoever was crying, it was in her nature. She ran, and ran, and finally came into a clearing. There, in the middle of the clearing, was a small, short girl, wearing what seemed to be a lab coat. Maybe a child, maybe just a very short girl. She heard her... Squeaking to herself? And tried to make out what she was squeaking. She finally realized the small girl was saying, "I'm a monster, I'm a monster" over and over, while sobbing. She immediately recognized the voice as an adult's, so the girl was probably an adult. "H-hey, are you ok?" She asked, a little shy, and stuttering a bit, as she always did around new people. The girl jumped, clearly surprised, but didn't turn around.
"EEP! Another person who wants to disturb me! I-I didn't hear you coming for a second! I'm sorry!" The girl squeaked, still crying, and sniffing while she talked. "And n-no, I'm not fine. I-I'm a monster! I'm- Nyrough! This isn't me! I'm supposed to be a normal professor! B-but, I'm not! Why does fate have to be so cruel to me!?" She said, still sobbing and sniffing, while hiding her face, by burying it in her clothes. "Just leave me alone, whoever you are. Y-you won't like what I turned into..." The girl said. "Aww, it can't be that bad! I won't make fun of you! I promise!" Luna said. "It's all the same! People keep saying that when they try to comfort me, but they just end up running away or take their sweet sweet time to yammer about my hideous appearance! T-though, if I do show my face, you promise you won't laugh or run away?" The girl asked. "Yeah, I promise, but you don't have to if you don't want to." Luna said. The girl lifted her face up a bit, but then hesitated for a moment, probably thinking about what Luna's reaction would be. Then, after a few moments, the girl finally lifted her face, and turned towards Luna, tears rolling down her eyes. The girl had green skin. Probably not a human, definitely not a demon. "If it makes you feel better, I don't think you're a monster! Perhaps… do people bully you for being like... Um... This?" Luna said. "Well, n-not before I turned into this Peridot creature! I... I-I don't call it bullying, per-se, b-but now that I'm an adult, I call it 'getting mocked and jeered at just because they don't understand why a person like me would exist.'" She said, then continued sobbing. " Shh... It's alright, it's alright... that happens to me all the time... I'm a demon, and normal demons have red skin and hair, but I have blue skin and hair. Most demons in my home, The Demonlands, bully me, or ignore me, like my own mother, but there are those few that are wonderful people and friends to me, like my best friend, Zack. Of course I could dye my hair, and change my skin color, but I don't, because if anyone's really my friend, then they'll love me for who I am." Luna said, trying to make the girl feel better. The girl weakly grabbed something from her lab coat pocket, a mini cross. "Out of t-this house!" The girl said. Luna playfully slapped it out of her hand. "No, not that kind of demon, silly! I'm the nice kind of demon!" Luna said, getting both of them to laugh. Because of this, Luna tried to comfort the green girl a little more. "Listen, it's alright." She said in a calming tone. "Being smaller, and green doesn't mean you're not human, you just changed a little, that's all!" But something about that sentence didn't seem to fair well with her. "A little...?" She squeaked agitatedly. "A little!? Listen, you don't understand my plight, do you? I was a very tall, beautiful girl before this lab accident had shrank me down to this size, and it's very hard to get around with such little legs when I was used to long ones for all my life! I didn't have the time to get used to this form or be born with it like you were. I was just thrown into this unwanted body without question and was forced to adapt to it's changes. All I ever wanted was to live a normal, happy, carefree life. Is that too hard to ask!?" After expressing her woes to Luna, the girl cowered down onto the snowy grounds some more, but Luna kept on trying. "Aww, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you feel bad, I promise. You're just as good as any human, and if someone won't love you for who you are, then they could never be a real friend. Anyways, You're not a little green monster at all! I think you're fully human!" Luna said. Eventually, the blue girl's kind words started to heal Eli up just a little when she mentioned that she was still 'fully human,' despite her predicament. "Wow," She squeaked. "T-thank you so much. That makes me feel a bit better. S-so, you're a demon? And you live in The Demonlands? I've never heard of that place, did you... I know this might sound weird, but did you come from... Maybe... An alternate dimension?" The girl asked. "I'm glad I made you feel better, and yes, I'm a demon, and actually, yeah, I did come from a alternate dimension!" Luna said. "Oh, lucky guess then! And, oops, silly me, I forgot to introduce myself. my name is Professor Eli Wolftree, but mainly, you can just call me Eli. I'm a human! Well... I used to be human. Until I got into a lab accident, and now, I'm just... Small." Eli said, sighing And shedding a single tear. "All moping aside, since you're from an alternate universe and all, let me explain what Pokemon are to you. Now, Pokemon are unique, intelligent little creatures with special powers, and we humans (or former humans) have coexisted with Pokemon for as long as forever. Some people play with Pokemon, others train them to be the very best that no one ever was. As for myself, I study their behavior and how they become so tame when going into Pokeballs. Oh? You look confused. You have no idea what a Pokeball is, do you? Well, here's a few that I found on the internet!" She said, in a very cheerful way. Luna took some time to scroll on the phone looking at the different types of Pokeballs, and reading information on them, before introducing herself. "I'm Luna. Luna Moonstage, pleasure to meet you Eli!" Luna said. "Haha, well, the pleasure is all mine!" She said happily. Eli seemed to be a very kind and cheerful person, by what Luna had seen. "OH! Right! How long have I been here? Maybe a few hours?" Eli said, checking her phone. "Aw, CRUD! I've been crying out here for months! Oh no, I thought I was out here for only an hour! " Eli shouted, clearly concerned. Eli jumped off the snow. "And just when I thought this day couldn't get any worse, I don't know the way back!" Eli shouted, then whimpered and sat back down on the snowy floor. "It's alright, I'll stay with you until help comes, and I'll look around for help too, I'll be back!" Luna shouted, and ran. C'mon, c'mon, I need to find help for Eli, that poor girl. Luna thought. Suddenly, out of a bush, leaped some kind of creature, running past Luna, and towards where Eli sat. Oh no! Eli might be in trouble! Luna thought. She ran back to Eli, and saw the creature cornering Eli into a tree. Eli was all the way against the tree, clearly terrified. Eli examined it closely. " Wait a minute, are you a Type:Null?" Eli asked. It gave Eli a grumpy sneer. It got even closer to Eli, and Luna was ready to protect her. It was curious, And looked at Eli up and down, making Eli squeak. It pointed a claw at the name tag on Eli, that said, well, "Eli". "Well, it's a long story, but I had a little bit of a lab accident, and now I look like... This." She said, a scared tone in her voice. She blushed in shame at the Type:Null. Out of nowhere, the Type:Null started showing sympathy towards Eli, sniffing her from top to bottom, tickling her, making Eli laugh a bit. It looked at Eli, remembrance in it's eyes, and started purring. She got up and dusted most of the snow off her oversized labcoat as she up at the synthetic Pokemon in embarrassment. It smiled at her because of Eli's predicament, possibly because their situations were somehow related to each-other. "You know what?" Eli squeaked. "Since you don't have any trainers and you seem to like me just fine, how about I name you Crimson, since it's the coolest name I could think of for you, and I can be your pal for life! Whadda' ya say, Crimson?" Much to her dismay, she got playfully nudged into the snow once more, but Crimson seemed content with the idea of being her partner, and even offered her a ride to Iki Town (since that was nearby of Bamboo Hill). "But..." She whimpered. "Pokemon Trainers don't make a lot of money compared to a former scientist like me..." But Crimson disagreed and pointed it's head crest at her right tiny green hand that just so happened to peek out of her labcoat sleeve. From what she assumed, he was trying to tell Eli that now that she's stuck as a Peridot, she's got nothing better to do. If this is the only way she can get a job, then being a Pokemon Trainer won't be as bad for her in the end. "Alright," she mumbled as she tried climbing onto Crimson's back. "I've got nothing better to do. Let's go." Eli stayed still on Crimson's back for a while, and Luna realized she was waiting for her. "Come on, Luna! What are you waiting for? Hop right on!" Eli said. "Oh, me? Come with you? Ok then, thanks! I appreciate it. But... Maybe you could help me get to my home? The Demonlands? Possibly?" Luna asked. " Hmm, of course I'll try to help you, but, sorry, can't make any promises that it'll work! " Eli said. "Ok, I'll take my chances!" Luna said. " Ok, well then, hop on, friendo! " Eli said. "Sure!" Luna said, hopping behind Eli, onto Crimson.

*Bonus scene*
"I hope one day we'll become good friends, Eli!" Luna said happily. "Maybe it doesn't have to take long to be friends, Luna! We can be best buds right now!" Eli said. "Aww, that's so sweet of you Eli!" Luna said.
"And, um, hey, if this doesn't work, maybe I could… stay with you? " Luna asked. "Of course! I'd happily let you!" Eli said, giving Luna a big smile.
CreditPeridot XJ9, Pidge_Luminosity

04/30/2019 9:39 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Botanist
Awesome!! I just re-read it for the 4th time! xD
04/30/2019 10:08 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Warrior
Thanks! Wow, you read it four whole times? OwO
Thanks For the drawings, Btw, it made a wonderful cover :3
04/25/2019 3:50 pm
Level 58 : Grandmaster Hero
Love it, but I slept 10th of the way through..
04/25/2019 4:15 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Warrior
Haha, glad you liked it. :3
And yeah, it is pretty long XD
04/24/2019 5:22 am
Level 46 : Master Professor
Eli the Zeratoed
This is so adorable and lovely! I'm glad I got to work on this with you. This was fun! :D
04/24/2019 11:33 am
Level 37 : Artisan Warrior
Yeah, thanks for working with this with me! It was fun, and a pleasure working with you! :D
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