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Griefing, and how to stop it (My version)

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avatar Warfare_Master
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Hello every one, and thanks for coming to my blog!

For Newbies out there, if you don't know what "Griefing" is, its simple, it means destroying Builds/Creations that are not yours/ something you don't have perms to edit.
First off, griefing isn't just limited to players, after all, we have Creeper's! And they blow up and sometimes can ruin hours of work! (Usually RedStone Work) And there is a simple way to fix that, just type the command /gamerull mobgriefing false. It will stop all mobs from editing anything in the world (Expect those poor wooden doors :( ). Now to stopping Players! One major thing you can do is disable the use of TNT. I know it sucks but it can really help stop griefer's. But not to fear, just add plugins in there! You can make another group above guest so people can use TNT and you know they won't grief with it. Another thing you can do is get PS (Personal Space) for your players! So no one besides the Player and their trusted friends can edit the space around them. You can also get WorldGuard, so it allows only a certain group to build in a set area! So if you got a project you can protect it with WG! Well thats it! If you think I could put something to improve this comment below! Also if you like this Diamond, Favourite and Subscribe! Thanks for reading!
Oh wait, and if some how griefers still grief, you can always ban them!

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Thanks! I'm going to add that!
  • P3T3R2001
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  • July 19, 2013, 11:51 am
I like :)

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