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Growing up sucks! Daily Blog #1

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Growing up sucks!

Today i was watching the spongebob movie with my sister because she wanted me to watch it with her. And I just now realized what i never did as a kid,SPONGEBOB of all people.....got drunk. Which leads to the topic of growing up sucking, now that we are older, we realize things we never did as a kid, things we never thought about, or just had no idea of. Have you ever watched a cartoon from your childhood and got the dirty/comedic joke. and your just sitting here like


yea it sucks, that innocent tv show or movie, just turned into a wierd movie.The same with those jokes your friends in school used to pull, I remember this happening alot In grade school.

Friend:Hey wanna know what i did last night?


Friend:Smell my finger theb

Me: *thinking* i dont get it

yea now we get it, so our friends from school just magically turned into perverted people after all these years. Which is why growing up, magically gives away our childhood innocence.Isnt it great!

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