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Tutorial/Guide: How to gain an Audience (How to become popular on PlanetMinecraft)

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Tutorial/Guide: How to gain an Audience (How to become popular on PlanetMinecraft)

Hello there, my name is TomConn and I have seen many new user’s on PlanetMinecraft ask the same question: “How do I gain an audience?” or in more rough terms: “How do I become popular?”. I want to give you a helping hand in answering this question. I hope you enjoy this guide and find it useful.
Tutorial/Guide: How to gain an Audience (How to become popular on PlanetMinecraft)

Step. 1
Your content (probably) sucks.

Creating good content is one of the hardest things to do, and one of the easiest things to do as well. Creating good content does not mean you have to invent a new mini-game or that you must put years of effort into a single project. Good content is a combination of Supply, Demand, and fun.

‘Be original’
The term ‘be original’ is both misleading and can ruin the creative drive of any creator. The term is not particularly useful because it is too vague. Two terms that does a better job at describing what ‘Be original’ means would be: Supply and Demand.

Supply is referring to: How much of this type of content is there?
Demand is referring to: Is this something you would use?

Tutorial/Guide: How to gain an Audience (How to become popular on PlanetMinecraft)

The Green represents good content ideas
The Red represents bad content ideas

Good content is a combination of creating something with a low-to-none supply rate, while having a medium-to-huge demand. This more accurately showcases what people are referring to when they tell you to 'Be original' or 'Make original content'.

How to make good content ideas
Open an empty document or text file and set a timer on 10 minutes. Start the timer and do a brainstorm where you write down all your ideas for content. Do not delete any ideas, no matter how bad they may seem, and do not go into details about one specific idea. Keep each idea limited to one sentence.

Example of my own brainstorm
How to create a good texture pack
What is the easiest way to create textures?
How do I get better at making skins?
A blog about PVP tactics.
How to make a beautiful blog?
How do I use blender to create renders?
A specific plane that has yet to get a 1:1 recreation.
Maybe make a spitfire to practice modelling 1:1 aircraft.
Create base parts, sort of like a Lego set.
Create a "build it yourself" put together plane set.
Guide on how to add more than 1 texture.
Guide on texture pack tricks in general.
Tutorial with pre-coded texture tricks.
A mod that allows you to make portals that connect different single player worlds.
Portals between two Realm servers?
A realm server with data packs?
Maybe a Realm-Adventure-Server?
Adventure maps seem kind of scarce...
Adventure map with a "reward" system like Undertale.
Maybe combine different mini-game puzzles to get something new?
Mine-sweeper in Minecraft.
Recreate that game where you sink boats.
Create pre-sets for all textures
How does the 16x16, 32x32 and 64x64 textures work?
A texture pack inspired by that Ghost of Tsunami game thing.
More bundles are needed.
There is a lot of tree bundles, but what about unusual types of tree bundle?
Rock bundles are quite scarce.
Good building bundles are kind of hard to come across.
Organics bundles?
Statue bundles?
Organic pre-sets!
Organic paint-it-yourself statues - Just like a colouring book!
How do I change the Minecraft background music?

'Kill Your Darlings'
After creating a list of ideas, you need to question the supply and demand of each idea.

Questioning Supply (How much of this type of content is there) can help you figure out if you have a chance of standing out. If you search up content with a high supply (Medieval House), your chances of standing out are very slim. If you search up content with a small supply (PZL P.24), your chances of standing out are more likely.

Questioning Demand (Is this something you would use?) will tell you if your idea is needed. If you find forum post’s about a certain topic that was never answered, or only manage to find bad / very poor attempts at a certain type of content (Bad tutorials, poor recreations) then your chances of standing out increase if you can create a better version of that content.

Example of my own 'Kill Your Darlings'
How to make a beautiful blog?Low Supply, Medium Demand
How do I use blender to create renders?Low Supply, Large Demand
Tutorial with pre-coded texture tricks.Almost None, Large Demand
A mod that allows you to make portals that connect different single player worlds.No Supply, Low Demand
How do I change the Minecraft background music?Low Supply, Large Demand

Having ‘killed your darlings’ you will be left with very few ideas. These will all be good content ideas.

Step. 2
You (probably) make the wrong content.

Choosing the correct content idea to work on can be a lot harder than coming up with the ideas. The idea has to be something you yourself enjoy, while still fulfilling the Supply and Demand aspects of content creation. Good content is a combination of supply, demand, and Fun.

‘Have fun’
One of the most infuriating things to tell a creator. The term is not particularly useful because it is too vague to interpret. Fun is subjective and can better be understood with terms: Enjoyment and Effort.

Enjoyment is referring to: Do you enjoy creating this type of content? / How does it make you feel?
is referring to: How much time does it take you to create?

The Green represents how an idea should feel + the amount of effort to put in it.
The Yellow represents when you should put it aside.
The Red represents how an idea should not feel + when the effort required will outdo the 'having fun' aspect.

You can estimate where your ideas would be inside this graph to figure out if you should pursue your content idea, or leave it behind for other ideas. Remember that while creating content, both the effort and the enjoyment can change. Always adjust your content to be in the green-zone.

How to choose a good content idea
How to choose a good content idea:
Download the graph represented above this spoiler and then open it up in paint, or any sort of photo-editing software. Open your document containing the 5 good content ideas. Make estimates where on the graph each content idea will be on the graph.

Example of me placing the 5 content ideas

Having estimated where your good content ideas would be on the graph, you'll now be able to choose any of the ideas in green and start working on them. Remember: If your estimate was wrong, and a content idea reaches the red or yellow zone. DO NOT DELETE IT! Put it aside and work on something else. Enjoyment and Effort must go together, in order for you to 'have fun' while creating content.

Step. 3
Your titles (probably) suck.

Bad titles can kill any good content. Titles is the way people find your creation when it is no longer appearing on the pop-reel. That is the time you want to be getting a consistent amount of views on your content.

‘Be accurate’
Being accurate in your titles is a fine line between relevancy and originality. Being relevant is what can give you a consistent amount of views, while your originality has a big impact on how many views you get.

Relevancy: refers to a title that breaks your content down to its basics, and uses simple and common search terms.
Originality: refers to giving your creation a unique name which is easy to type, and easy to remember.

Originality can also be translated into: Attention grabbing.
Attention grabbing titles can be more effective than an original name for a creation, because the attention grabbing part is closely related to relevancy. However, an attention grabbing title can easily turn into an annoying title, making your content being seen as annoying content.

How to make good title
Making an original / attention grabbing title:
Open a text file and think of a name for your content. Spend about 1-2 minutes coming up with easy to remember names and titles that would grab your attention.

Example of my brainstorm for this blog
Your content sucks, here is why.
Past the Pop-reel
Why your content sucks
Your content (might) suck
Content Guide
Give me attention!
Getting attention

Search for each name on PlanetMinecraft and Google. If there is already a huge supply, then do not chose that name. Only choose names with a medium to low supply. Remember to ask yourself if the title is annoying. If the title is annoying, then delete it from the list.

Example of me searching up names
Google Supply:
PMC Supply:
Past the pop-reel
Content Guide
Getting attention
Your content sucks, here is why
Why your content sucks
Your content (might) suck

The best names will have a low supply on both Google and PlanetMinecraft. If two names have nearly identical supply, then choose whichever name you find to be more catchy.

Making a relevant title:

Open a document and write down what your content is. Do not write the name of it, write what your content is. You will most likely end up with a sentence, or just a single word, that is not accurate enough for the search engine. Your term can either be oversimplified or too vague.

Oversimplified refers to titles such as: House, Castle, Girl, Ship.
Too vague refers to titles such as: Cool texture-pack, Charles, Anime, Steampunk.

There are two methods as to how to create a relevant title. The simplest relevant title to create is to write the theme of the content, followed by what it is. Example: Steampunk Texture-pack. This is not an ideal title because it has a huge supply. The second method, which can give a better title is to ask yourself

  1. What is it?
  2. What kind of (insert answer from the first question)
  3. What is it's intended purpose?

Example of me creating a relevant title
Question: What is this?
A guideI will take what it is and put it first.

Question: What kind of guide?
A guide to help people understand how they can make their content not die, and grow their audience on PMC.I will take the “Grow their audience on PMC” and add it.

Guide: How to gain an audience
Question: What is it's intended purpose?
It is not intended to be a “How to become famous” blog, but I guess that it kinda is. I just want to answer the question of “How do I become popular?”I will simplify the question: “How do I become popular?”, and add it.

Guide: How to gain an audience (How to become popular on PMC)

Combine the original title, and the relevant title:
You now have 2 titles for your content, and it is up to you if you want to combine them or only use the relevancy title. It all depends on what you think looks best, however DO NOT use the original title alone. The relevancy title is the one that will show up in search engines, which is why you must prioritise the relevancy title over the originality title if you decide to not combine the two.

The relevant title can be by itself. The original title can't!

I cannot grantee that following these methods will make you "famous". It is up to you yourself how far you want to take it, but now you know how to choose content ideas that a big audience will like. And hey! Once you find your niche, keep at it! It took me 8 years of content creation to find my niche, but the most important thing is to never stop, and keep trying.
You only fail, if you give up.

If you have questions, or disagree with parts of this guide, please leave it in the comments. I'm ready to answer / change just about anything!
Thank you for reading!

EXTRA! – Interviews with a few famous PMC users.
To better understand what ‘makes someone popular’ on PlanetMinecraft, I decided to make a few small interviews with different famous PMC users.

Interview with Aspirin60 (Mob skin & skin creator)

Profile: Aspirin60

  1. Which 'method' did you use to get to where you are now?
- No method. I was always interested in painting and music. With Minecraft I discovered a new way to lose my fantasy with building and my aggressive with PVP. (I am 100% a serial killer, you know?)

  2. Is your PMC based off your content, or your personality? And why?
- My PMC and music page are both based of content because i think what i made is more interesting for people as my person.

  3. Did you get any help? If yes: Who and why? If no: Why not?
- And tree: Nobody gave me help because i just forgot to ask someone...Lol. Seriously ,I found what I search in google and for other things I can learn a lot from other users...My only problem; I have a photographic memory and have to be careful if I look be someone else's work, to do it differently enough. of course?

Interview with: Awhikax (Datapack creator)

Profile: Awhikax

  1. Which 'method' did you use to get to where you are now?
- First, I learned how to make data packs. I had fun with the 1.11-1.12 commands to do different stupid things. With 1.13 and the complete redesign of the whole technical part of the game (commands, lot tables etc…) I started creating data packs for my own use, to add simple things to my worlds. For this I mainly used video tutorials, decomposed other people’s code, and had help on Discord servers dedicated to help creating data packs.
- Then, I became editor of the Maps section of a French forum. You might think it’s not related but it’s actually what made me want to start publishing my data packs.
- I decided to create a nice data pack to publish that hadn’t been done yet (as a data pack): Lucky Blocks. It was first published on my old PMC profile. For various reasons that I won’t detail here, I changed my nickname and therefor my account everywhere, that’s why I currently have another account (I don’t use the old one anymore).
- So I started to publish various data packs more or less useful and more or less well coded with my new account.
-Then I was contacted by a French YouTuber who asked me for a data pack, then another French YouTuber and that’s how it started. Now many YouTubers of many different nationalities ask me regularly for data packs, which I publish on Planet Minecraft a few days after the release of their video.
- One thing that probably helped is that I really care about the credits. All my data packs are licensed, and I make sure that at least one link to the data pack is included in the description of the videos using them. I do not do this for visibility, but it allows viewers and other YouTubers to find the data pack used, download it, play it etc… And of course, to contact me.

  2. Is your PMC based off your content, or your personality? And why?
- Absolutely not All I currently publish are data packs that are requested by YouTubers. Currently no idea comes from me. I have some personal projects but not enough time to develop them quickly.

  3. Did you get any help? If yes: Who and why? If no: Why not?
- I had help to start creating data packs, mainly via Discord. However, to make my data packs, I get little help. I prefer to work alone and do things on my own. However, I sometimes ask for help on Discord or from friends who also make data packs, if I get stuck on something or cannot find an optimized way to do it.

Interview with: Captain_JEK (Builder)

Profile: Captain_JEK

  1. Which 'method' did you use to get to where you are now?
- I just did what I liked and what I thought I'd be good at and what I thought could be useful to others. Cause, I didn't want to make something meaningless (like a ton of medieval houses nobody will care about since there already are a ton of medieval houses).
Everything I do should have a purpose and an underlying reason to why I do it. Turns out, vehicles were perfect for that, because I enjoyed making them and other people could use them in their own creations or get inspired by them.
Also, many vehicles that exist in real life (or movies or games) hadn't been made yet in Minecraft, even though the game is 10 years old, so I could always create something original that hadn't been done before. This is not only fun for me, but for my "audience", too because if you see something (like medieval houses) over and repeatedly, it gets boring. If you can always upload original content, something that has not been made before, it never gets boring. I think that is what people like about my creations, it is always something different, it never gets boring.

  2. Is your PMC based off your content, or your personality? And why?
- Okay, lol, it took me a while to understand this question but I think it asks about whether my activity here on pmc is based on my content or me as a person, right?
I use pmc mainly as a place to upload and showcase my creations. I don't make a lot of wall posts talking about myself since I find it kind of annoying when other people to it, so I try not to do it xD
So, I'd definitely say my activity on pmc is based on my content since my creations are paramount and I as a person am in the background. However, my creations are influenced by my personality, so even though I am in the background, my personality still shines through. It shines through in every interaction I have with people, anyways, so I as a person always am an important factor, too. But being here because of my personality is not what I aim for, I am here because of my creations.

  3. Did you get any help? If yes: Who and why? If no: Why not?
- In this question it depends on what you look at. If you ask if I got help with building the vehicles, it is a no, I did not get any help. Everything I know is self-taught and I honestly am proud of that. I hold independence extremely high and at the end of the day I would like to be able to look down on what I made and say, "I made that". If I got help by someone, it would not be my very own creation anymore.
That's for the content making part. Next is about the content spreading part:
If you ask if I got help with "gaining an audience", it is a yes, of course, I could not have done this myself. I got help by all the people who liked and shared my creations on pmc itself, YouTube, twitter, discord, Pinterest and wherever my creations might be right now. This allowed more and more people to see my content and that's why I now have "an audience" (I feel really weird when saying this xD).

Interview with: CraftyFoxe (Builder & Server owner)

Profile: CraftyFoxe

  1. Which 'method' did you use to get to where you are now?
- I think just doing what you like to do for fun is the most important part and everything else will follow. I have gotten help from many people, whether it is supporters, critics, or colleagues. Being alone in a bubble would not stimulate as much personal growth as one could in a community. One should also consider the time and effort you invest in the activity is a key factor.

  2. Is your PMC based off your content, or your personality? And why?
- For your 2nd question, I would say both, your personality influences what your content is, and it does show. One cannot live without the other. Some people build creative fantasy thing, while others prefer a more realistic approach.

Interview with: DinowCookie (Skin creator & Blogger)

Profile: DinowCookie

  1. Which 'method' did you use to get to where you are now?
- No method specifically to gain audience. I just try, practice, and create things that seem fun to me, and over time members started engaging with my content more and more.

  2. Is your PMC based off your content, or your personality? And why?
- A good balance of both I would say. With my content I like to engage with the community a lot, with tutorials, contests and events, and the event calendar. And I think my personality shows in that content. But I also like to think my submissions of (mob)skins, build, writings, and art attract some audience of their own.

  3. Did you get any help? If yes: Who and why? If no: Why not?
- All the help! A lot of great skin and pixel artists who helped me with feedback and with learning new skills, exploring creativity, and so forth. But mainly just this vibrant creative community of gamers who are also on this site to create, learn and have fun together.

Interview with: DreamWanderer (Builder)

Profile: DreamWanderer

  1. Which 'method' did you use to get to where you are now?
- Unsure how to answer this one. I just build things, and post them, and it just kind of happens lol

  2. Is your PMC based off your content, or your personality? And why?
- Both. I like building things, and showing them here on pmc, and having my builds to use as "resources" for other player's projects. And I also like being here to just talk about things and share what I think of/ imagine

  3. Did you get any help? If yes: Who and why? If no: Why not?
- Since I started pmc I have built alone, but have adapted, and have used many building ideas and inspirations.

Interview with: Michiru (Skin creator)

Profile: Michiru

  1. Which 'method' did you use to get to where you are now?
- I've never used any specific 'method' to become someone notorious here, but I think there are two major reasons to it : my investment in the community, and the quality and diversity of my content.
Indeed, I've noted that I began to be noticed as soon as I started to participate in unofficial events. Then I have really started to interact with the community by commenting on skins and wall posts, but also by sharing my own art. Also, I think that my style evolution and the improvement of my shading skills to finally come up with a unique and recognizable style really boosted my popularity.

  2. Is your PMC based off your content, or your personality? And why?
- My content. I've never asked my subscribers the reason why they've subscribed to me, but I'm pretty sure most of them are following me for my high quality skins and my unique style, and maybe my art. Admittedly, some of them also like my sweet personality, my cheerful nature, and my maturity, but I definitely don't think it's the main reason why they've subscribed to me.

  3. Did you get any help? If yes: Who and why? If no: Why not?
- Actually, I have started to make skins with my boyfriend in late 2016. When he stopped all Minecraft related activities (because of studies) in august 2019, he gave me his PMC account that I had been co-managing with him until then. However, since I was still completely unknown at that time and haven't gotten any further help from anyone else since then, I consider myself as a self-made girl here.

Interview with: Studio-Winthor (Texture pack creator)

Profile: Studio-Winthor

  1. Which 'method' did you use to get to where you are now?
- I think I went a typical path for many Minecraft players: from builder to creator. In the beginning I started on PMC by offering my large medieval world for download mainly for our small German YouTube community. But at some point you want to contribute more than Minecraft buildings to the fantastic Minecraft community. But you need a personal motivation. In my case, the Texture Pack that I had been used for years became too colorful and unrealistic for me. Other medieval texture packs used a resolution that was too low for me in close distances, even if I really liked the overall effect.

So in 2017 I started working on my own texture pack. It took more than half a year until the first version was available for download as work in progress version. And with every new Minecraft versions, own new improvements and new reported issues the work on the texture pack never ends. I have been spent around 1,500 hours on this so far. Sometimes I wanted to give up, sometimes it was just boring to do some stuff, but in the end every minute was worth it when people write to you that you have created "their" texture pack.

In order to go the way to a complete texture pack, one has to break it down into workable steps. You need small successes in order not to despair of over 2000 textures. I would advise everyone to tackle all frequently visible textures first and to start with doing NPC, mobs, armor or items later. Then an unfinished Texture Pack doesn't deny its Minecraft roots, but a default sheep or a default bucket in the player's hand disturbs the gaming experience less than blocks with Minecraft textures. But that's probably my personal feeling.

  2. Is your PMC based off your content, or your personality? And why?
- It is based on my content. PMC is a functional plattform for me. One reason may be that I'm not an English native speaker. For my personality stuff I'm using our YouTube-Channel and my native language in our videos. An other reason is, that it is a kind of amazon for me, just to find Minecraft stuff instead of goods and books. World saves, ideas, texture packs, it is all here ready for discovery and that is wonderful.

  3. Did you get any help? If yes: Who and why? If no: Why not?
- I don't get any help but I never asked or search for it.

Interview with: Violet (Skin creator)

Profile: Violet

  1. Which 'method' did you use to get to where you are now?
- There's not really a 'method' I used, more so just throwing my creations at the 'wall' of PMC until something stuck. From what I have seen, if you make something you genuinely enjoy and slowly build up a skill set, people will like it.

  2. Is your PMC based off your content, or your personality? And why?
- A mix of both, I suppose? My content is the backbone of it, but all of it is informed by my personality and what I like to make.
As for why, I suppose that giving my personality or 'self' in general a higher focus over my work just never seemed appropriate.

  3. Did you get any help? If yes: Who and why? If no: Why not?
- Absolutely! I owe no little debt of gratitude to the amount of friends I've had supporting me over the years.
I've almost always had a group of people around to inspire me and give me advice when I felt my things needed to improve.

People such as:
The_Doctor, a good friend of mine for several years now who has always been there with genuine advice and ideas.
Sonic_Daniel, a close friend of several years who has almost always shown me a better way to do what I do.
As well as some others who don't have active accounts here.

Interview with: TomConn (Builder & Blogger)

Profile: TomConn

  1. Which 'method' did you use to get to where you are now?
- I mean… It has taken me around 8 years or so to figure out what the heck I was good at in this community. I remember trying so many different things, first skinning… Or well skin-stealing :’D Then I went on to try and watermark all my builds and make personalised update blogs. That failed as well with the personalised update blogs being removed and the water-marked buildings doing so poorly that I just ended up disappointing myself.
- Then around 2019 I started making content that I felt was missing. I looked up different tutorials on subjects I felt were relevant in the Minecraft community. I realised that the majority of the tutorials for certain subjects were so bad quality wise, that I decided to make new tutorials that were way more simple with all the “speaking”, and avoiding those harsh computer-language tutorials.
- So in my case, I’ve gotten to where I am now by redoing a lot of stuff that I found to be really bad quality. And that is really my niche in the community, and I’ll keep doing it as long as people want it : )

  2. Is your PMC based off your content, or your personality? And why?
- It is deftly a combination of the two. My content has a very personalised style in the form of the pixel-art stuff I do. My content varies a lot, but I found 2 things that I seem to be rather good at, which is tutorials and building bundles. However, even with my tutorial and building bundles, my friends have told me that it’s really easy to see when I’ve written it because I apparently have a very “TomConn” way of writing… Whatever that means :’D

  3. Did you get any help? If yes: Who and why? If no: Why not?
- Not really. I mean, there are people that inspired me, but I have always preferred to do things alone. It is like creating my music. I used to be in a band, but realised that I constantly had to adjust my vision to what the other band members wanted, and let us just say… I am a tad sensitive and defensive when it comes to people doing corrections or disliking my creation. I still feel like an angry 12-year-old when someone leaves a comment saying, “lol u suck, this bad”. That is why I never really work together with anyone. I simply am not the kind of person who can make compromises when I create content.

CreditAspirin60, Awhikax, Captain_JEK, CraftyFoxe, DinowCookie, DreamWanderer, Michiru, Studio-Winthor, Violet.

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12/01/2020 12:36 pmhistory
Level 30 : Artisan Archer
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Very nice guide, should be fairly helpful to people! I like the graphs; both the raw information but also the pixel art :D

I may have found some typos
12/01/2020 1:10 pm
Level 54 : Grandmaster Slime Tamer
TomConn avatar
Glad you found it helpful
Please point out the typos so I can correct them
11/11/2020 10:44 am
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Wow! SUPER HELPFUL! I highly recommend this blog for beginners! Thanks for makin' this!
11/09/2020 2:14 pm
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if i make content other than some random crap, i'll keep this guide in mind! Thanks :D
11/09/2020 2:21 pm
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Heh, just keep doing what you enjoy ;D
10/14/2020 2:00 am
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Never too late to say;great work! :-)
10/15/2020 4:49 am
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Thanks Aspirin :D
only took 2 months to make... I really do appreciate all the amazing feedback that the nice humans has left here :D
10/10/2020 10:07 am
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This is a really nice idea, also congrats on becoming a site mod
10/10/2020 10:12 am
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Thanks Amy :D
10/10/2020 10:22 am
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anytime <3
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