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Guys! I found a glitch to actually get a bedrock sword!

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Hejjo_eggs avatar Hejjo_eggs
Level 29 : Expert Warrior
I found a way to get a bedrock sword in minecraft. I made a command for it: visit this. But there was a glitch. If you throw bedrock onto a diamond in a desert biome at a broken portal, it will make bedrock that can be used to make a sword. but you cant just get bedrock anywhere, can you? it can't be broken! Or, so you thought. Sure, there are some ways to break bedrock, but no known way to harvest it. Until now! first, you have to put 2 obsidian blocks in the ground next to each other. Then, put a piston facing the 2 obsidian blocks with them long as if they are coming out of the piston. Now, put a lever on the side of the piston. Now, put 2 honey blocks stacked on the obsidian that's farthest from the piston. Now turn on the piston. Then, put obsidian on top of the rod part of the piston. Then, turn the piston off. Since obsidian isn't movable, the honey block next to it won't move either. But the other one moves, for some reason. Bedrock will pop out of the machine. Then go back to step 1. You now have moldable bedrock and you can make a sword! Put a stick below bedrock in the crafting and you'll get a bedrock sword!

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11/07/2021 5:06 pm
Level 29 : Expert Warrior
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How I found this out was that I saw a youtube vid related to the project.
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