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avatar Zodus
Level 22 : Expert Architect
Ethos (pronounced Æ-thos) is a world of static and colour, darkness and light, order and chaos. Dictated by rules and concepts different than that of your world. This haven is inhabited by many strange beings: creatures that call this place home, refugees seeking asylum from destruction, dangerous criminals, the bringers of chaos, ancient entities, created millennia ago. This realm is a crucible for life, everywhere you look you can see movement. In this guide, I will be trying to explain many different aspects of this world. Through descriptions, pictures, and rough sketches.

Bear in mind, this is a work in progress. I will be working on this in the weeks (and maybe months) to come. More pictures and information will be added soon. If you wish to see something specific, make a comment. I will be looking at them every now and then.

Ethos is divided into thousands of smaller zones called Sectors. A sector is generally a few hundred square kilometres in size, though the size can vary drastically. But these boundaries weren’t created by it’s inhabitants. When someone crosses a boundary, their surroundings completely change in both ambience and colour.

To explain this phenomenon better, here is a picture of a sector called Nivrig:

And here is a picture taken in the sector of Dystos:

As you can see, these two photos look as if they were taken on different planets, yet these two districts sit side-by-side, and these photos were taken at approximately the same time of day. The reason for these sudden changes is unknown.

Each sector has it’s own respective city, which goes by the same name. In most cases, these settlements are typically the biggest one in the whole of the sector.

When the main city’s population drops below 50 people, that sector is then considered a Dead Sector. The only exception being if other cities in the sector are densely populated. When the main city reaches a population of over 1 million, the sector is then considered a Super Sector.

There are three notable sectors that share control over the rest. These sectors are the Azkai Sector, the Binaros Sector, and the Hexara Sector; each of these sectors has its own respective Region of control (ROC.) These sectors are similar in size to that of a small country; for example, England and Hexara cover about the same area of land.

* Industrial Sectors: sectors with a high amount of active factories and/or manufacturing sites. Can also include farmland of any kind.
* Dead Sectors: sectors with an extremely low amount of people living in its boundaries. Sectors of this type used to have a higher population and are usually sprinkled with abandoned areas (buildings, homes, etc.)
* Wild Sectors: Sectors mostly/completely untouched by Ethonians, can be densely packed with forest, riddled with mountain ranges, a desert, or anything else that comes to mind.
* Ocean Sectors: Sectors that are mainly or completely ocean water. Population can vary from high to none.
* Residential Sectors: typical sectors with a modest population. The most common type of sector.
* Super Sectors: sectors with more than 1,000,000 people in their main cities. Lesser cities have a modest population.
* Mega Sectors: sectors with more than 1,000,000 people in their main cities. This goes for the majority of other cities in these sectors.
* Main Sectors/ Superpower Sectors: Azkai, Binaros, and Hexara are the only Main sectors in existence. These sectors cover an unusually large amount of land.
* Grand Sectors: These are sectors that have some kind of weird quirk, an unnatural attribute that usually defies the general physics of ethos (gravity, for example.) All other sectors on this list also have the potential to be considered grand (of course this excludes the main sectors, given that there’s only three of them. None of them are considered grand, at least in this sense.)

Above is the city of Dystos. With a population of just over 15,000 people, Dystos is a typical small industrial sector.


Topography in Ethos is generally similar to that of Earth; having mountains, ravines, lakes, oceans, and other things; but doesn’t mirror the structures of your world, here the Grand Canyon or the Himalayas don’t exist, but there are other extreme features in their place. This section will list both

Halycon Mountain:
Halycon Mountain is the highest geographical point in all of Ethos. Unlike Mt. Everest, Mt. Halycon isn’t located in a huge mountain range, it’s surrounded by prairie land. It’s also yet to be conquered (climbed.) which is okay considering it’s twice as high (seriously though, it’s peak reaches 10000 feet above sea level.) It doesn’t help that in many places Mt. Halycon is basically a smooth vertical incline. Come to think of it, many areas on this mountain are flat, smooth surfaces at various inclines that are, to put it plainly, impossible to climb. Put that on top of deadly weather conditions, freezing rain, and the slipperiest snow in the world; then you’re left with an interestingly horrible way to die. If mountains were skiing tracks Halycon would be the black diamond. Despite the fact that climbing Mt. Halycon is a suicide mission, it is beautiful to look at. There’s even a city located a few kilometres away from the mountain which celebrates the feature.

Silicon Spikes:
These structures are a common sight in Ethos. These spikes can vary from a few inches in height to a few meters, the tallest recorded spike reached an astonishing 56 meters. The Spikes are made out of the element Silicon, a solid cone of Silicon metal that isn’t attached to the ground. The surface of these Spikes aren’t uniformly flat, rather, they have a marbled texture (as seen in this close-up picture of a meter-tall spike.)

Silicon Spikes can grow from out of nowhere, but only under certain conditions:
1. The area in which they grow must be damp, generally from rainfall.
2. There must be at least 3 square meters of free, uncovered space around them in order for them to grow (this means that Spikes won’t be growing out of roads or into houses, which is a relief).
3. It MUST be midnight, no earlier or later. Spikes don’t take long to grow, only a few seconds are needed.
The reason for this growth or the science behind their growth is unknown, like many things in Ethos. But they are a good source of high-purity Silicon since this resource is self-replenishing.

The weather in Ethos is generally a bit colder than that of Earth. Aside from this fact, other natural weather events still occur; rain, snow, wind, fog, and so on. Discussed below are a few natural phenomena unique to Ethos.

Data Fog:
Data Fog is a serious problem when it comes to vision. The phenomenon is a physical mass of air that harbours poor seeing conditions. When this fog rolls in, they only colour left is the ambient colour of the sector you’re in, overlayed onto a black and white landscape.

With Data Fog:

Without Data Fog:

Data Fog can be thought as looking at the world through a very primitive camera, but instead of it being the camera, it’s the world.

Two Cloud Layers:
Ethos has two cloud layers as opposed to one. The lower Neo Cloud Layer, and the higher Aero Cloud Layer.

The rough pencil diagram above shows the simple exchange of water between the two layers and the ground. Water moving between the cloud layers defies gravity entirely, raining upwards and evaporating downwards. This can create a rather surreal scene when passing the first cloud layer while it’s raining, which is possible in many large cities and in some mountainous areas. The rain going up to the Aero Cloud Layer is very slow, as slow as snowflakes falling downward, and for some reason water is unable to freeze between the layers. So when it’s snowing or hailing on the ground, it’s still raining in the sky. Mt. Halycon is the only natural feature tall enough to pass the Aero Cloud Layer, given that it’s three times as far from the ground as the Neo Cloud Layer is. Precipitation of any kind doesn’t occur above the Aero Cloud Layer.

The inhabitants of Ethos can be divided into 8 groups, which will be explored in further detail below.
Ꮬ The Azkairians Ꮬ

The Azkairians are the inhabitants of Azkai (pictured above,) having the largest ROC. The city of Azkai is known for its giant skyscrapers, thousands of stories high. Azkai is a warrior state, having a legion of armored soldiers called Enforcers at its disposal. These men (and women) are sent out to do battle with dangerous creatures, along with other threats to their state. Azkai is a Democracy, run by a sort of government system.
Life in Azkai:
The city of Azkai is a wonderful place to live. The place is huge, even the smallest skyscrapers tower over it’s inhabitants, not to mention The Twin Towers of Exceedrius (the two big ones.) They were built in 1984 by one of Azkai’s presidents and still remain there today. There are a few special practices that are done regularly in Azkai. For example, every night people have to switch on these lights mounted on top of every building. And in the morning they have to be turned off. This practice is purportedly done to ward off the Niphilia, a fabled giant bat-like creature that come out at night, believed to terrorize Azkai before the creation of this light system. Mythical purposes aside, they’re used to light up the city at night. Life in this city doesn’t differ much from other large cities, specifically one in the United States. The crime rate is generally low in Azkai’s ROC, save for a few sectors, specifically the ones controlled by the Decimites (discussed under “social groups”.) Poverty is a problem in some parts of Azkai but there have been projects and groups aimed at dealing with this. The houses are nice; the landscape is beautiful, all be it kind of flat; the weather is usually pleasant, in most places; and their goverment system is forgiving. Out of the three regions to live in, Azkai seems to be the best to live in.
A simple fact about Ethonians (those that live in Ethos,) appearance can change dramatically from person to person. This partially has to do with the whole sectors thing, “You look like the sector you were born in” as they say. Azkairians generally take on a light purple or green colour.
Asriel, The Enforcer
Amnity, The Traveller
Ꮊ The Binarians Ꮊ

The Binarians inhabit Binaros, controlling the second most land in Ethos. Their Mages make use of a form of “magic” to ward off monsters and enemies. Like Azkai’s Enforcers, the Binarian Mages protect the lands of Ethos. The Binarian’s mastery over machinery is incredible, creating grandiose monuments and even mobile cities that move about in their sectors. Binaros is a Monarchy, being ruled by one supreme ruler. A strange being known as Doppler, who’s supposedly been ruling for eons.
Life in Binaros:
Life in Binaros isn’t too far off from life in Azkai. But it’s also colder there, generally by 10-20 degrees. Snow isn’t uncommon there, thirty feet of snow is typical in some parts. The city itself is quite eye-catching, you could say that it’s awash with neon lights. If life in Azkai were to be compared to life in a big city somewhere in North America, life in Binaros wouldn’t be far of from living in a place like Tokyo (if it was really cold in Tokyo, that is.)
Doppler, The Ruler of Binaros:
Doppler is an ancient supercomputer that rules over Binaros. It is believed to have been created prior to when the three superpowers came to be, thousands of years ago. This makes Doppler unbelievably old, yet somehow he’s still functioning; and most likely will for the next few millennia to come. The machine refers to itself as a “he,” and uses respective pronouns. Doppler is truly monumental, being gargantuan in size. Consequently, he can’t move; Doppler rules over his subjects through various monitors throughout the city. He resides in a giant building to the east of the city, ruling all of Binaros from the confines of his room.
Ꮿ The Hexodiles Ꮿ
The Hexodiles are the inhabitants of Hexara, but has the smallest ROC out of the three superpowers. The Hexes are a mysterious race, as very few are allowed access into their main sector. Consequently, not much is known about them. What’s also strange is that monsters never spawn inside their borders. Whether this is the consequence of magic or some other force is a close kept secret of the Hexodiles. Hexara is presumed to be a Benevolent Dictatorship, having a ruler with unlimited power. Though not the kind that spawned in Germany around the 1940’s. But of course this wasn’t always the case.
Ꮻ Citizens Ꮻ
The name “Citizen” is given to any person that wasn’t born in one of the three main sectors, along with not being a simulacrum (discussed below.) Citizens can look like anything, they can be any colour, and in no way are they uniform. Citizens can also be referred to as humans or people, just like you guys.
Ꭶ Simulacrums Ꭶ
Simulacrums are a certain type of citizen. They are special in that they have some form of human counterpart. Whether it be by resemblance, or simply by a name or idea. A simulacrum is quite rare, as they make up less than one eighth of Ethonians.
Ꮉ Glitches Ꮉ
Glitches are essentially the “mobs” of Ethos. They can either be benevolent or malevolent in intention, or neither. There are many types roaming this world. Some are widespread whilst others are indigenous to specific sectors/sector types.

Glitches are essentially the “wildlife” of Ethos, therefore, there are many different and interesting creatures roaming around. Lets look at a few notable types of glitches (animals and bipedal creatures.)

Visormen are indigenous to the areas that the Azkai control. They are noteworthy in that they act as a sort of natural “police-force.” They search for criminals and crooks and neutralize them, usually by capture and in rare cases execution. Despite barely being able to see they can easily get around, even darkness doesn’t hinder them. They possess a sort of sonar-like ability that lets them see, no matter the conditions. This sonar is especially noticeable in the sound they make, described as a “low pinging noise” as one Azkairian Enforcer put it; reportedly, the louder the noise, they more information they’d receive. Visormen also have speech capabilities, so they regularly converse with civilians; they even relay important information to Azkai Enforcers, telling them about recent captures and criminal behaviour. For this very reason, the amount of communication between citizens and visors, the Visormen are considered a very valuable asset to the Azkairians.
Visorman-Credit to Brainfreeze28

Inlayers are a curiosity in the world of Ethos. They’re quite strange, and frankly mysterious. These creatures are drawn to empty streets and unpopulated areas. Inlayers have the strange ability of passing through any form of matter without hinderance, people can’t physically interact with them. The beings have a sort of mystical nature to them. Many people see them as ghosts, manifestations brought on by energy or emotions; and some even believe them to be angelic, having a sort of deistic connection. Whatever there nature, Inlayers are held high in importance among most ethonians. This is evident through the numerous shrines made in their honour (such as the one below.)
CreditBrainfreeze28, without them, this wouldn’t have happened.

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  • March 18, 2019, 4:36 am
Holy crap that's not a world for my next vacation!! You have a fertile fantasy! I enjoyed the story...
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  • March 18, 2019, 4:43 am
Thanks! There’s still more to come though :)
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awwwwwwwwwww yeah!

could you describe how the different inhabitants look? i'm sure you already planned on doing that, but just wanted to make sure!
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  • February 24, 2019, 5:51 pm
In time... ;)
Cool :3
Reminds me of the other Etho (Etho slab)

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