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Hacker Stories EP: 1

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avatar baucat9
Level 19 : Journeyman Lumberjack
  • from now on every 2 days or so i will be doing a hacker stories episode

So i was on HiveMC and the guy name Magic_Mitch was playing on blockparty with me and some other players. I was out by the time i figured out what was going on. He had just been using a fly hack standing in one place. The guy got banned though last week i believe but thats not even the good part. So, im talking to a guy about making him a skin so i went back unto the same server and Mitch was on there again. I got out again and when i was watching i relized there was 2 hackers on. I heard from a my friend on mc that was on that the match went on for 6 hours until Mitch's computer crashed. ( On blockparty there is no time limit unlike the other Hive games)

  • Now, how do we stop hackers?

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06/06/2015 11:57 am
Level 17 : Journeyman Archer
we ban em for perms!

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