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Hackers (A rant by creeperyoungling)

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avatar creeperyoungling
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Hey guys I'm back with a blog that i've tried to stay away from but from my friends I'm hearing all these stories of hacking and bullying I had to write this blog. I'm sorry for not being as active but I'm glad to be back.

Now first off we need to understand what a hacker is (in my opinion). To me a hacker is someone that is pretty much a bully that is being too lazy to use his own brain or tools to work for something. They also just want they don't care what happens to anyone else in the process as long as they can get some precious diamonds (that they don't even need with all their fist punching enhancing hacks).

Now that we have a definition we can make our assumptions. First why would you call someone a hacker? A. Because they killed you in a fight. B. You don't like them and they killed you and raided you. or C. Because it is obvious they hack when you punch them they automatically turn around or you can't get to them.

I'm hoping you took C because that's the right one. See you can't go around calling people hackers just because they beat you at something. Now hackers are bullies and bullying is wrong. If bullying is wrong so is hacking because hacking is a form of bullying. Now please understand the difference in this.

I hoped you liked my blog. Be on the look out for some more coming out especially a rpg story I'm going to be making. If you liked hit that favorite button or click the diamond in the top left corner (pretend its budder it'll feel better). And if you want to keep updated on my updates and blogs hit that subscribe button.
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