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halo fan fic: frank chief and aleins and r outterspacies

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avatar TheFancyCritics
Level 26 : Expert Scribe
one day frank chief loked at freinds at says "aleins r comming" and his freinds gotted up and walked fastly toowards lock room were dey kep all there wepons. "lok out aleins r comming" aleins ten blew up wall and walked fastly in with lasor guns and shotted the humens and luaghed "hahahaha frank chief the halo is ours noa" they sayed and luaghed hard like bruce willis in die hard 2. "no alein only i luagh like bruce willis" and then frank cheif gotted out his fist and foot and kiled the aleins with his fist by fisted dem

"frank chief u r my herro" says lady with eyepatch "aleins kiled my hasbaund and u ned to lok after ur son" she says to frank chief but frank chief walked fastly towards sppace shiep in spacies. "aleins r comming how can i halp" he asked himself in sad voice. "frank chief ur son nedded u and u were not dere but now u can be" she said with sad voculs. frank chief had teared roll down his helmut but not helmut becus it was helmut so he tooked it of n deceded to halp son but first had to keill aleins with fist so he flew on jetpack too alein ship in outterspacies and he kiled some but not all "frank chief we surronded plaese dont kiled us111!!" said big bad alein "no u kiled mi brother...MASTUR CHIEF" and he shotted aleins with big gun from his space lock. "is des the end frank" asked lady with eyepatch "unforrtanly not becus aleins will be back" den sad music played and credits roled

the eund....?
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