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Far Far Away (it was literally written in one place there), back when tents walked on Earth...

Two girls come to the storekeeper
-Um...Could you help us? We broke a hammer...
-Is it your third one today?!
-No...We broke two, the other one was someone else. These hammers are poor quality!
The storekeeper gives them a metal hammer
-Maybe we won't break it...


They come back to the camp with a hammer
-Wow, a Thor Hammer!


"If I had 1 dollar for every hammer we broke today, I'd have 2 dollars. Which isn't much, but it's weird that it happened twice."


Again near the storehouse
-Did you break another hammer?!
-No, we need nails.

At the comedy rehearsal
-Did you break another hammer?!
-No...This time the hammer broke a person...

"In Soviet Russia hammers break people"
Then I noticed I stood next to the russian girl when I said this


Storekeeper yeets a hammer over a tree to make a flag pole


Again comedy rehearsal
-Do you remember that metal hammer?
-We broke it.
-I don't know how it happened...
Everyone starts singing


On the last day we broke one more hammer. Not the metal one.
CreditTymon the Storekeeper, whoever created mentioned memes, people at the summer camp, hammers

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08/15/2022 11:23 pm
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im so confused what
08/16/2022 4:13 am
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Don't give children hammers
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