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avatar FaustRD
Level 24 : Expert Skinner
Fictional story, created by me few years ago. Originally written in ukrainian, please tell me if I made any serious mistakes during translation.

Creating a New World. Generation. Spawn. The usual landscape I saw a million times. All this was familiar to me. But the player doesn’t care. He creates new and new worlds. And makes me do something. I did many things. I was surviving, building, trading, killing, creating things. But he's still interested. Why? Why do you do the same thing every time? Is it so hard to give me a break? But he doesn’t hear. And makes me hit the tree. It all started again...


Today something has changed. He began to delete the worlds. All my achievements, victories and defeats, all I had - gone missing. There was only me. And he created a new world. I appeared on a small island. This happened to me more than once, and I even knew what he would now force me to do. But still I feel that now something is wrong.


I realized what was wrong. This time I'm dying. Not as usual, otherwise I would already be standing by my bed. Without things, but alive. And now I was dying. For real. I felt that he had gone, because for the first time in my life I was able to control my body. But I couldn't enjoy freedom. After all, my life is slowly fading. The last thing I saw is that the world is collapsing. It's dying with me. I am free...

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