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avatar Cyan Rose
Level 7 : Apprentice Scribe
Right as I started to write this, I went to check Discord (where my friends and I chat) and I look around for a bit. I go to message my friend, who we'll just call Friend, and read the game she's playing. Quick clarification! On Discord she found out a way to set the game she's playing to whatever she wants it to say. Most of the time it's playing alone or playing with fire or knives. Pretty dark. Well, this time she set it to playing stabbing myself repeatedly with knives. Woah. Way too far.
So my friend has depression. She constantly has suicidal thoughts and I have to ask people to leave her alone when she gets really depressed at school. When Friend is not depressed she's the funniest, most supportive person I know. I'm just so desperate to help her but I don't know what to do. It keeps me up at night. I suggested talking to the school counselor but we haven't had time to do that yet.

On top of this, one of my other friends, let's just call her Shy in honor of her personality around others, seems to need help too. She has not openly admitted to depression but she has gotten sad when we did not play with her as much. That ended quickly, thanks to me. Shy is extremely, well, shy, but once you break open that shy shell she is the sweetest girl I've met. Also a little mischievous.

Shy, Friend and I are best friends. We defend each other and support each other when needed. There's a couple mean girls in my class, but they hadn't done anything too dramatic so far. Well, one day, one of those girls at school took it way too far. We'll just call her Hag for the sake of hiding her identity. Hag decided it would be hilarious if our teacher made Shy read a science card. The teacher was pulling sticks to make people read them. You would think this is no big deal. It's just a card, right? Well, Shy is so shy that she doesn't ever raise her hand to speak in front of the class. I was shaking my head no at Hag but she wouldn't shut up. The dreaded moment happened. Our teacher called Shy's name after drawing her name out of the bucket and she quietly read the card. I could tell she was scared and just wanted to stop. After she read the card, Hag was still not satisfied. She said loud as can be, "I couldn't hear her!" The teacher made her read it again, but louder. Shy read it again, but at the end she was crying a little. That disgusting thing, Hag, grinned at one of her equally vile friends, happily exclaiming, "She's crying!" I immediately quietly told her "That's extremely rude and it isn't funny at all."

I wanted to say more, to say that my mother does not have a witch nose no matter what you think, that I can hear when she whispers about me and my friends, that she's not pretty or cool just because she insults everyone behind their backs. I wanted to tell her how cruel she was and that no, I'm not fat, no, you're the ugly one. I can hear her whispering to her giggly friends when I try to go to sleep. It's awful. Nobody is strong enough to stand up to Hag but me, and not even I can muster the courage to tell her how hurtful she is to everyone in the class. No, grade. Scratch that. Entire school. She giggles about third graders and seventh graders alike. She whispers about the seniors and the preschoolers. She bullies the teachers behind their backs. Everyone's had enough, but it's like nobody can stop her. I want to help both my friends but I don't know how. I feel trapped and I know I'm in danger of becoming depressed again but I just feel stuck. I'm so desperate I will reach out to anyone, anything. I need help.


Quick update! My class now has a class pet. It's a big, fluffy rabbit. The reason why this is important is because I think this is helping. Friend loves the rabbit and she seems to be happy and cheer up around him. Same goes for my friend, Shy. The rabbit is so much fun to play with because he's so fluffy and adorable. Everyone loves him. The class just feels like a happier place with him around. This rabbit might be part of the solution. I still need help, though. If you don't have advice then I would like some help on my writing skills because I need to improve them. I thought this would be a way to entertain others while getting feedback and help on my life problems. xD


Small grammar changes, dividing into paragraphs, ect.

Oops. I just came back and logged in, rereading this post (and the comment) and realized I made it look like my teacher didn't care about his students. No, he does, but he doesn't understand the shy people in my class. He calls on them to make them participate even though they never raise their hand. I know other teachers do this but I do not approve. Sometimes, we don't know the answer, or we just don't want to be called on. My teacher also does his best to discipline the kids who misbehave, but I don't think he saw it as big a problem as it was. Like I said, I do not think he understands how much it hurts the shy people in my class. There's really no complaint but that about my teacher.


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  • Seames39
  • Level 53
  • Grandmaster Sailor
  • March 15, 2018, 12:53 pm
Quite the mess of a story to sort through 0_0 Lets break it down...

The topic:
I commend you for trying to reach out to seek advice for how to help your friends. That in itself is a selfless thing to do and needs to happen more.

As far as your depressed friend goes, I recommend keeping close by to her and try to do the things that make her happy. Depression is a deep hole to climb out of, but as they say, once you hit rock-bottom the only place to go is up. If things don't improve, MAKE time to see a counselor and then they can hopefully provide a deeper insight than I can. (Seriously, if depression is not intervened, it can get suicidal dark)

For your shy friend, I can relate. I myself am not the most social person (especially in high-school). Sometimes it's hard to speak up in front of people or to get involved in a conversation with people you aren't that comfortable with. However, speaking from my experiences, I recommend trying to get her into new things. Small steps at first, (different food, different places, and such) and work up towards new things like a club or sport. (Try a social skills club like drama or speech).

The Teacher situation is a bit of a tricky one... If you thoroughly believe that the 'Hag' is indeed what you think she is, then I would try to pursue some kind of justice. That doesn't mean try to get them fired (but that may also correct your situation), but bring it up with higher powers at school like other teachers or the principal even. I myself could always count on my principal to help solve my issues, especially with teachers (like one time when a teacher decided to call me a Nazi for reading a book about the Waffen SS and other World War Two stuff). Tread carefully though, if they don't think you have a legit reason or problem, they will not act.

The blogs quality:
The blog is a mess to put it simply 0_0 Simply adding some spaces and creating paragraphs would have helped immensely to not loose my place as I read the blog. I had to back track a lot to keep up with it and all the information that is just a wall of text.

I hope you appreciate the wall of text I sent you :D
Best of luck to you, Friend and Shy...
  • Cyan Rose
  • Level 7
  • Apprentice Scribe
  • April 9, 2018, 4:46 pm
I hope I've fixed the problems you have noticed. Sorry I didn't respond for a month. I'm very inactive.

I keep close to my friends, and I do my best to do what I can to keep them all happy. I have been elected student council, which means that every Wednesday I go to the counselor with three others on student council, so I could ask when a time is that I can bring my friend to see her. I won't say her name with the other kids around, of course.

I've realized this mess of a story makes it seem like Hag is the teacher. She's just another mean girl at school. The meanest girl, actually. Sorry about the confusion. I've tried to edit the story to make it clearer.
  • Cyan Rose
  • Level 7
  • Apprentice Scribe
  • March 10, 2018, 6:35 am
Sorry about this mess. Even though it's just a clogged up jumble of words, all of it is true. Why does everything have to be so complicated?

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