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Helpful information to new Server owners

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avatar Th3-CAblE-gUy2345
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hello all,
i thought id like to share my views on running a semi-successful Server
what to do and what not to do,
being a server owner i figured out the hard way 2 years of f***Ups and running around chasing players and people rage quitting due to not paying attention to the finer details.

Tips to new Server Owners:

* The Best one is staff have a friendly staff base that is willing to help out and most of all WELCOME players on first joining makes them feel like there actually being noticed by staff and feel more glad that they might be able to come to you at a later stage for help

*Dont over Do it With Signs Such as ( DO NOT HACK YOU WILL BE BANNED ext), tip is nobody reads them and basicly makes it look like it happens all the time, drawing less attention to your server.

*Just starting out, dont go make a [hub] server and have 7 different servers linked together,
While only having 5-10 players on, draws attention away from your server trust me build a player base then slowly add mini games ext

*1 tip on buying a Servers dont go buying those cheap 512mb ram servers as they can hold about 5 players connecting from all around the world and the thing is THEY WILL LAG, yes for hosting for friends only but if you plan on becoming big allow for 2gb ram minimum then work your way up as your server progresses!

* Find a target audience and stick with it EX:
-Factions pvp server
-skyblock survival
-zombie survival
These are just a few basic ideas but what you want is something that no other server has nothing to big just enough to get people on and liking your server and spreading the word.

* create a basic website so when your players want to vote for your server or keep up with the latest on what your adding / removing from the server you can add it to your website, a easy to use and free website hosting which is used by alot of the bigger servers is www.enjin.com it features free and paid services and is easy enough for the new starters also includes a donation store!

*before opening it up to the big world of griefers always double check all your building,spawn,plugins are all working before opening it up.

* dont fall for giving people permissions straight away, get them to earn your trust that when your sleeping there not giving away items or destroying your server always make sure you have reliable staff is a MUST for new servers!

* if your a Premium user of minecraft dont go making cracked servers thinking you will get more players the thing is there is a lot more premium players than cracked, and if cracked its less likely your gonna get any donations.

* post your server on all the forums and vote links you can find there is close to 25 ish and some of them let you bump every 24hrs onto a top list! meaning peoplewil see your server!

*Dont over do to many plugins, adding to many plugins will bog your server down dont add 100 plugins and claim to everyone you have 100 plugins running you want to decrease the lag so little to none is noticed.

if you want any help feel free to post here and ill reply with any information needed or come check out our server

@ pixelmc.net

and come grab a few ideas on what to do as trust me ive been through it all!

06/05/2014 7:15 am
Level 1 : New Miner
SandBoxx is our amazing owner who keeps the server AWESOME RUNNING SUPER DOOPER FUN I CAN SPENT A MILLION YEARS PLAYING THE SERVER :D join to his server now
11/16/2013 10:59 pm
Level 46 : Master Lava Rider
no worrys hope your server get popular
11/16/2013 4:33 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Architect
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