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Is hero brine fake or not i think he's real.Do u think he's real or a myth?If so comment and tell how u think he's fake or real.and notch really tell us if he is.All minecrafters let find out REAL OR MYTH. So guys just tell me what u think and i hope u guy read my other blogs.My blogs can help out alot on some stuff and some can't.So be carful of the hero brine.

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  • sed11
  • Retired Moderator
  • Level 63
  • High Grandmaster Hero
  • June 26, 2012, 4:24 pm
Herobrine is fake.Notch and other members of Mojang and even the people who made Herobrine up said he's not real.

I also think, if there even was a Herobrine code, it was just part of the human code and had nothing to do with Herobrine.

I think when humans were in-game and were able the spawn and you could spawn them by pressing G, someone might've thought it was Herobrine if they pressed G accidently while playing Minecraft after reading the creepypasta.

Either they didn't notice the eyes and thought it was Herobrine or a glitch made the eyes white.

The thing with Notch and others shows proof he's not real though, and a lot of information on the Herobrine page on minecraftwiki describes what Herobrine is and shows proof he's not real.

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