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Herobrine and I (Long Story by C_Corp2002)

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avatar C_Corp2002
Level 10 : Journeyman Archer
Disclaimer: This is a STORY and Herobrine is NOT real.

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(For those who haven't heard of Herobrine, and his signs, here is a summary, he is usually thought to be some malevolent and evil code --OR-- Notch’s dead brother, with all his “Calling cards”, for example, some are crosses made of the surrounding materials, random lightning strikes, and/or lots of armored Zombies and Skeletons, both undead monsters. This is the Herobrine that most people know.)

Herobrine and I (Part 1)

-By C_Corp2002

I am a huge fan of Minecraft, and I happen to know a large portion of its secrets. But, even though I have heard of Herobrine, I have never encountered him, or his signs. But one day, I was mining, I saw in the abandoned mineshaft I was digging around in, there, I found a ravine, but not like a normal underground ravine, nope. This one had grass, trees, diamonds, iron, glowstone, and gold! It was almost like the overworld, besides the riches littered everywhere. I knew what to do. I mined around collecting all the ores my inventory could hold, then I noticed something.

I was being watched by bright, glowing eyes. The eyes looked almost like mini-sea lanterns, but without the bordering blue frame. Then, after a couple seconds of my staring, It finally dawned on me… HEROBRINE!! I panicked in real life and in-game, by drawing my stone sword and advancing on him. In the chat Herobrine said, “Please don’t… Just don’t.” I was in single player at the time, so I had no idea how he got there… I thought I was going to die and lose everything. He didn’t move one step though. Instead he said into the chat, “Please don’t hurt me...” I was suspicious, “I have had many, many modifications made about me. Me killing players, players killing me, players being me, you do not know how bad it feels… I AM SICK OF IT!” I didn’t know how I could communicate to the hurt Herobrine.

Faster than my brain could come up with an idea, my finger naturally hit the ‘t’ button, and I typed, “I am so sorry about how I judged you.” Then I realized I can talk to him, it’s like typing to player on a server. He quickly said, “I don’t blame you, it’s hard for humans to understand differences between the good, the bad and the different. I categorize myself as
different', and most players either freakout or try to kill me (which is nearly impossible to do).” I then realized that Herobrine is horribly misunderstood.

That day forward I vowed to myself to try to forge a friendship with Herobrine.

(End of Part 1)

(Part 2)

I left the cave system while Herobrine was examining my cracks into the stone. I was worried he would hunt me down for destroying his little “paradise”, I packed all the blocks and tools I could carry, and ran for the (extreme) hills, literally. I noticed it was turning night, and monsters were starting to spawn. There was a hoard of zombies following me. I ran faster and suddenly ran into something! As I looked up to see what I had rammed, I met the purple eyes of an enderman! I darted as fast as I could to a river, so the enderman couldn’t follow. The zombies had gone into the water with me. I sunk to the bottom of the river, so the undead couldn’t follow.

Suddenly it started raining I heard the enderman cry out in pain as the rain fell, but the zombies were still in the river. While under the water, at least fifteen lightning bolts struck the zombies, destroying the mindless mobs. When I surfaced, I met the same glowing eyes. Herobrine had saved me from a horrible fate.

The rain stopped as Herobrine said, “I saw the enderman and those zombies chasing you, and I felt bad that I had lost control of the monsters...” I typed back, “You’re able to control monsters?!” I exclaimed. “Yes I used to be able to, but that was a long time of go.” Herobrine spoke, “We should go now, chances are there will be more.” He walked towards a cave, and I followed. In the cave was at least fifty stacks of rare ores, mostly redstone, iron, and diamond in the walls.

Herobrine said, “Now, go and dig around for what suits your interests”, as he turned to some chests, “Go on.” I dug around examining each tool, weapon, block, and armor piece. I found an enchanted iron sword, with Sharpness V, Unbreaking III, Sweeping Edge II, and Fire Aspect II. I also found an iron pickaxe, with Efficiency II, and Fortune III. Herobrine stated, “The pickaxe and sword you choose will be bound to your player, so you can never lose them.” I said, “Why are you helping me? I can see why you’re upset, but you seem to be aggressive with other players.”

Herobrine was silent for a bit, I could tell he was thinking. I wondered if I had gone too far. If I had, he would certainly kill my player, and possibly my computer. He suddenly started moving away from me, slowly walking away. He spoke, “I felt bad about me hurting other players… I wanted to change. I was like that because I was lonely, no-one wanted me around, and due to that, I was, grumpy and aggressive.” I typed back, “I can understand, also what is my name, like user-name? Just asking if you picked up on that” Herobrine looked at me for a bit and then turned around, and spoke, “C_Corp2002, that is your username, but as an entity, I cannot know a player's human name, or that would mean instant and permanent death.”

(End of Part 2)

(Part 3)

Herobrine was pacing back and forth in the cave, as I prepared to fight the monsters waiting outside. All Herobrine had to fight with was chainmail armor, and a golden pickaxe. I felt bad. He suddenly spoke, saying, “Please understand, I am, by minecraft code: a monster. So expect me to deal more damage to you and npc’s vs monsters. They will have the upper hand...” I then contemplated to run around screaming or to help Herobrine out. I chose the latter one (To help). I heard the zombies bust down the doors, and we promptly ran. Herobrine was lagging behind, and he had taken some serious damage by some skeleton arrows.

I darted into a nearby village, and was hunting around for an Iron Golem… and the villagers didn't help. I did eventually find one, fighting some other monsters. When he was done with the undead, I politely typed, “Hello sir...” He surprisingly responded, “Hello lad, how’s the weather down there..? Har Har” He snickered. “Look, I just need your help with a hoard of zombies, if you follow me.” He stood still for a few seconds, and said, “What's in it for me?” I said thoughtfully, “How about four iron blocks, for repairs if needed.” He pondered, “How about friendship. You seem nice.” “Follow me please, so you can help my friend.” I said.

As we sprinted over to the group of monsters, I noticed Herobrine wasn’t there… As the Golem and I smashed through the zombies, skeletons, spiders and creepers we found a huge crater, Herobrine's Eyes dimmed. The Golem spoke, “Is he supposed to look like that?” I said “No Herobrine never has taken this much damage.” Suddenly the two eyes brightened! He was regenerating his health, and his first words were, “Who’s the Iron Golem?” He then proceeded to walk and survey the damage done to the landscape, as the sun rose. It had been a long night!

(End of Part 3)

(Part 4)

The Iron Golem was in shock… The friend he was saving was Herobrine?! The Golem stepped back a bit… and a bit more and then yelled, “This is who I was supposed to save?! The ruler of the monsters?! How am I supposed to respect this piece of crap.”

“Please try understand..-” He cut me off, “Why should I even attempt to understand do know how many people we have lost to those beasts?!” I again spoke, “Why are people and mobs so disrespectful?!”

Herobrine yelled, “Please dont argue! I can’t bare to see any more!” The Iron golem and I both turned, and said, “Sorry… we understand.” Then Herobrine said to the Iron Golem as he threw a Regeneration Potion, “Here, have some HP back.” and to me he tossed an Enchanted Golden Apple, “For your hard work.” I quickly ate the apple, and regenerated the enormous amounts of heath I had lost in the fight. Then suddenly cries of pain shouted from the village -- Something was wrong!

The Iron Golem rushed to see what was happening, and discovered a three red-eyed players were attacking the village… Something wasn't right, I wasn’t on multiplayer, yet player-looking entities were on my world. Herobrine gasped as ran up beside me. Herobrine said, “Those are the mob-lords. They are half monster, half npc, all dangerous! They are the ones who took control of all monsters.”

Suddenly one of the mob-lords turned to us and stomped up to us and said “Well, well, well… Look what we have here; an Iron Imbecile, A Noob, and A Reject! I saw you two running for our mob hoard, I thought you would have died… Name’s Elderbrine of the Overworld, the true ruler of Minecraft. The other two are Witherbrine of the Nether and, Dracobrine of the End…” I said, “Since you’re part of a computer program (Which I assume you know.) what is your logic on attacking this village?” It took a bit for him to respond, “We hate players and all other entities except monsters! Herobrine should be dead! He betrayed us!” “How?”, I asked, “What did he ever do to harm you?”

Elderbrine screamed, “He almost killed us, because a few players decided to befriend Herobrine, and changed his mind about how YOU puny humans really are! Humans are cruel and disgusting creatures that are worth NOTHING. Prepare to lose -- everything.” Suddenly it started raining and lightning began crashing down on us! My player lost at least five hearts of heath! Herobrine surprised me by zipping back and forth, punching the evil Elderbrine! Elderbrine summoned at least three giant zombies to protect himself, and Herobrine looked discouraged. I started lashing into the gigantic green beasts, dealing very little damage. After a short time, Witherbrine summoned twelve Blazes, and Dracobrin two Endermen! The rain was pouring down, thus quickly eliminating the Blazes and Endermen. The rain allowed other monsters to come up the the surface, and Creepers were hopping out of the caves and crevices around the village. “RUN!!!” Herobrine cried out, Iron Golem darted after me and Herobrine, I felt horrible, The village was destroyed, and its inhabitants killed.

(End of Part 4)

Note: Due to school, this one is shorter.

(Part 5)

The rain let up as we kept on running as far as our hunger-bars would go. I started getting dangerously hungry, and started looking for food. I saw a Horse in the nearby Plains biome but it was not a food source, so I asked Herobrine, “Hey, Herobrine do you have any food?” He nodded no. “Umm, Hello?” said an unfamiliar voice. We turned around to see that a Villager was holding at least three loaves of bread! I said, “Thank you. But where did you come from?” The villager replied, “I followed you, I thought I would be safer with you.” Herobrine said, “Thank you very much for the supplies. If you want to, you could join us.” The villager was silent, and, eventually said, “Yes.” I responded, “Great! Two things, you can’t fight, and we don't know your name.” The villager was silent. He then spoke, “I know I can’t fight, but I can build better than you would think. My name, also, is Phill.” Phill paused. “I was a baker, before my family and village was destroyed in the attack.” I said, “Don’t dwell on the past, it will only make things worse.” Herobrine butted in, “I think we're being followed -- by a humongus army of monsters!”

We were atop a hill, and below us, was a gigantic mass of enderman, capped zombies, fully armored skeletons, blazes, and leading the attack were: Elderbrine, Witherbrine, and Dracobrine. “Four to a couple thousand, they must be worried.” I said. Phill spoke, “I could use an invisibility potion to lay landmines.” The Iron Golem, who hadn't said a word since the village attack, spoke aloud to the rest of us, “We need a game plan, and a lot of TNT!” “That's something I have.” I typed. A four thousand versus four was about to take place.

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