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Herobrine creepy pasta (Well I didn't sleep tonight)

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avatar xXLittleMinerGirlXx
Level 32 : Artisan Pixel Painter
Before I start this story I'd like to say TWO things.
1. Herobrine is NOT real, Mojang and Notch himself have confirmed it. So you don't have to worry about Herobrine, Besides the first two sightings were.. FAKE.
2. Yes I may or may not of listened to music and threw in some references..

I heard of a small game.. But it was so popular. It was called "Minecraft"? It was just a sandbox game where you make friends build or destory and fight off monsters when night comes, I heard it was fun and was a very known game. I had some extra dollars from working over time and I decided just to play it. I did have the week off anyway. I started up the game and I got a skin and played in my single player world for awhile. I had a beautiful house, Well it wasn't that great but it was nice, I built a little farm and basic stuff in a time like MineCraft. (Which I'm guessing Minecraft takes place in the stone ages or near that time.) I always thought there was someone following me... Someone behind me... I just ignored it.. I thought I was just being silly like normal. I always just kept mining and building, I never really thought that much of it. I logged off for like five minutes to grab something to drink. I came back and I just felt.. Off... I knew something was up. So I just logged off. I decided to play on a server. It was just all of the popular servers, Hypixel, The hive, Basic servers. I played on there for what? Two hours? I called it a day and stayed off for at least a day. I went into a chat room on a random chat room website, I typed in "Minecraft" At least 50-100 chat rooms popped up. I joined the first one which was called "Minecraft mystery people" It was hosted by someone called "Entity 3001" I think? There wasn't that much people on it. I don't remember the exact amount but I remember it was about around five to six? I joined it. Like half of the people were AFK or was muted. Only the owner was online. This was our chat

Me: Hello! I'm *My user*
Them: I see you want help, Do you?
Me: Yes, I keep feeling like there is this one person in my singleplayer world but I think I'm just crazy in the head.
Them: Is that so? Could you give me your lan IP?
Me: Sure!

He joined my game, It wasn't that bad. He just told me everything was fine blah blah blah nothing would be wrong. I just thought I was just going nuts. I moved out after a month. I changed my IP as well. I rebooted up the game after a month of finishing my house. I just felt unsteady.. I felt like I was being watched whenever I played the game..I felt like I was being stabbed in my back or worse..

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07/28/2016 1:08 pm
Level 22 : Expert Nerd
oooo intresting. ;D

I love creepypasta and really wanna see where this one goes ;P

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