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Herobrine Mystery

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Wolfpaq avatar Wolfpaq
Level 10 : Journeyman Miner
Dear Diary,
I wanted to let you know I just got iron armour! I know!
Cool, right?! I just started the world a fortnight ago, but things just keep getting weirder. I got news for you. You know Katie my cat died on a grass block. Yeah you heard a grass block! She just suddenly... umm... died! I broad daylight. I didn't make the burial too big I'm still very poor, so I put a couple of cobblestone on top of each other and wrote a sign saying RIP Katie. I went killing some pigs at dawn but when I came back and my house was full of tnt. Not only that but the sign I wrote on Katie's grave said 'Get Out' instead of 'RIP Katie' I thought there was someone in my world but I'm new to Minecraft so it might just be part of the game. But whoever it was is stalking me. I went searching for coal to smelt more iron, but then I saw a person with brown hair, white eyes and a blue t-shirt. I am friendly so I said hello but he didn't reply then he just disappeared into thin air. Gee, I was just trying to be friendly. I looked to see if I was in multiplayer I wasn't! Maybe it could be a glitch. I didn't notice a name tag on him but maybe it's another glitch. I came back to my house and for some reason the tnt blew up, I'm now writing my diary near my cats grave. Oh it looks like that dude came back and is running to me, AHH he's attacking me I feel like I'm about to...

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