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Herobrine Prank

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avatar spychicken123
Level 30 : Artisan Taco
First of all i do not take any responsibility for the following:
-accidentally breaking your computer (not likely)
-accidentally break your friendship with the person you pull a prank on
-accidentally do anything else bad


Step 1:
Go to an easy spot to remember like in the documents and create a notepad file. (on the desktop is not recommended for the prank) Rename it Minecraft.vbs (WARNING: whatever you do, DO NOT email or send this file to someone via the internet. it will thing you are a virus and ban you forever and never forgive you.)

Step 2:
Edit the file by right clicking it and type the following: x = MsgBox ("Cannot run. Herobrine has hacked your Minecraft!", 0+16, "Windows Defender")

Step 3:
Next, right click the .vbs file you made and click Create Shortcut. Rename the shortcut Minecraft.

Step 4:
Right click the shortcut you made, and click Change Icon. Click browse and go to- C:\Program Files (x86)\Minecraft then click the minecraft .exe file. click OK then OK again.

Step 5:
In the comments section in properties still, type in "Minecraft by Mojang". Doing so will make it say that when you hover over the shortcut.

Step 6:
Move the shortcut to the Desktop and move the normal minecraft shortcut somewere you can easily restore

Step 7:
Pretend nothing happened then take picture of the persons funny reaction.

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I guess my friend tried to do this and it doesn'd work

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