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herobrine story part 1

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avatar beatlefan416
Level 8 : Apprentice Artist
i was starting a new world on minecraft. just a normal minecraft world making until i spawned, the first thing i saw was, HEROBRINE!

so here's what happened, i spawned and saw herobrine so i started to run, after a while of running, i heard behind me that sound you hear when you get hurt, so i turned around and saw NOTCH and herobrine having a battle.

so here's the deatails of the battle.

notch came up to herobrine and hit him, so herobrine tried to use lightning to kill notch but, notch was smart enough to move out of the way so he wouldn't get hit.

here's what happened to me after the battle.

so, after the battle, (notch won by the way) notch told herobrine never to bug me again or else he will ban him from this world, but eventually he came back but notch COULDN'T ban herobrine, so i got some friends and we all teamed up and killed herobrine for GOOD. so, for killing him, notch gave us 1:diamonds on every world we go on, and 2: the rank "herobrine killer" on every server in minecraft.

the end

this story is NOT real
CreditGORDO74 (plays XBOX version), minecraft, mojang, notch, jeb, and everyone at mojang

06/30/2015 10:32 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Really good story. Good job
04/13/2013 2:00 pm
Level 20 : Expert Pony
It could use a little more detail and punctuation. Other then that pretty good for a start! PS:And a bit better capitalization
04/19/2013 5:59 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Artist
Thanks! yeah, i made this story on my tablet and it doesnt make things in caps, so when i had to type it on the computer i was just sortof copying it
04/13/2013 12:56 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Artist
please take the time to post a comment. this is my 1st minecraft story ive made/posted.
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