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Herobrine's Return! Book 3 : Trapped!

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avatar tomix9tomix
Level 30 : Artisan Dragonborn
Where am I? Thought Steve as he got up of a bed. Around him was stone bricks, trapping him. he looked at them, they were mossy. He had nothing on him. He knew what he had to do. He started hitting the stone with his fist, it may take awhile he thought but i need to get out. POOF! He broke the block but a sliver hairy snake came out and started attacking him! The rest of the room followed turning in to little grey snakes. He couldn't fight all of them! Then all of a sudden a player Struck down with a diamond sword and slayed all of the monsters. Every single last one of them! "Who are you?" Asked Steve. " Me...." Replied the player quietly. "Come on look at me, you saved my life but you won't look at me." "I'm like you Steve. Me and Herobrine had something to end. He wanted to use me to kill you. I was a pig, but when he tried making me a pigman to kill you, he turned me into a full man." When Steve heard those words, he was surprised "Now come on look around you, we are still trapped." Said the player to brake the silence. Steve looked around, he was right they were in a dark obsidian hall way, with dim redstone torches guiding the way. Steve and the player went forward.

As Steve was going though the hallway he started thinking about what happened in between Herobrine's sword raised above his head and him waking up in the cell. "Look." Whispered the pig human. Infront of them was a snapshot..... One that Herobrine had taken as a child. It had Steve eating cooked pork chop with his family. Under it was a sign that said "He thinks of me as the devil, but he is the true devil....." The pig human looked at it wondering what happened, then he said "Steve what did you do to Herobrine?" Not seeing Steve crouching in a corner......
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