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Herobrine's Story 2

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avatar Smokeythenoob
Level 27 : Expert Dragon
Herobrine picked up his pickaxe, he realized it was broken and that his vision was black and white. He did a dangerous thing, touch his eye (could hurt you XD) but he didn't feel it..only bone..Herobrine almost fainted but didn't feel like it for some reason..

The guard saw someone in the distance by a grave..the grave was open. He yelled "Grave Digger!!!"

Herobrine heard the guard and felt something grow in his hand, it was a diamond sword. He ran to the guard while the guard finally knew who he was. The guard felt pain in his chest and fell to the ground. Herobrine started walking the long path to the village...

Steve finally completed the guys house, Steve was paid 5 diamonds and was thanked. Steve suddenly saw a alarm go off, something went wrong in the cemetery...

Herobrine was finally there.. he saw Steve and Steve saw him. They both took out their swords and ran to each other, Steve tried slashing Herobrine but Herobrine deflected and cut Steve. Steve than delievered a powerful blow that made Herobrine unable to speak, Herobrine walked backwards and than knelt. He felt something smooth in his hand and saw it was a Golden Apple, he ate it and immediately felt better but he couldn't talk. Herobrine really got mad and something black was coming out..Steve wondered what it was..

The creature finally got out..it was 3 blocks tall and was black, Steve saw purple sparks around it as he stared..than it disappeared! Where it go?

diamonds plz :D
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