Herobrine`s story (chapter 3:The sacrifise)

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avatar Mikki_Panda
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I woke up in a arena, watching something. I saw Jake By a lava pit. I saw two white eyes coming out of the darkness. Herobrine. "Jake!"I shouted. He looked up at me, with a tear running down his face. "Ahhhh!"he screamed as Herobrine held him over the lava. "Last words?"he asked. "I-I..."He began then herobrine pushed him into the lava. "Jake!" I screamed. I woke up where I had fallen asleep. "Next stop, the arena!" captain Skelo shouted. "Huh?" I said.
I looked around and saw a pink and silver dress. "Hey! Thats for the "Occasion"!" A zombie laughed. Jake was wearing the outfit that herobrine wore. I looked at him. "Move it!" a dark skeleton said. He kept moving.

Alexa, Joe, Drake, Peter, and I were sitting in the arena. It was a cave. I saw Jake. Herobrine came out and held Jake over the lava. "Goodbye!" Herobrine laughed and pushed him in. "Nooo!" I screamed. Skelotons came up behind us and knocked us out.

06/06/2013 8:21 pm
Level 44 : Master Geek
You spelled sacrifice wrong. Its "sacrifice" not "sacrifise"
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