Herobrines story(Chapter 4: The black time)

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I woke up in a cottage. With everyone else. The sky was dark. "Its late..."I said. "No. Its the morning.10:00am." Peter said. "The times are darker." I looked at him. "Oh and uh, I have this for you."He said. It was a white dress. "Why?" I asked. "I-I.."Peter said looking for a good word. "I thought you might like to wear it." "Oh ok. Thanks" I said and smiled. There was a butterfly, a clip to put in my hair. After I got dressed, I walked down stairs. "You look absolutely stunning." Peter said kindly. "Thanks." I smiled. A flash of fire showed in the sky. "The times are begining..."I began. Peter held my shoulder. "What times?" he asked. "The times I read about. The times where Herobrine would have revenge." I said nervously. "Its okay. I know how to fight." Peter said. "Heh, same here." I laughed happily. "But, what is the time called?" Peter asked. "The black time." I said. Dark horses with black riders came out of the sky. "Alexa, Joe Drake get your swords!"I shouted. I took out mine. "Aww, that`s sweet. Protecting your dear friends. LEts see what you are, to this!" A man said as a dragon appeared. Joe charged, he tried to stab it, yet it only stabbed him in the eye. "He may be blind, but he can still kill you." as the man spoke, a light appeared in the sky. It hit the dragon and the man. They disappeared into black dust. "What was that?" Alexa asked nervously. "A black dragon." I answered.
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