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Hiatus and Updates

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Lil-puppy23 avatar Lil-puppy23
Level 43 : Master Architect
Okay so by now some of y'all have prolly noticed it's been a while since I've updated CANIS MINOR.
And if you haven't noticed, uuhhh.... Ooops.

At any rate, this whole 1.19.1 fiasco has me a bit burnt out of working on the pack, and really MC in general. I'm taking a break right now, but CANIS MINOR is in a TEMPORARY state of Hiatus.

That said, it could just be that I just need to think about something else for once, and I'm giving that a try right now. Tentative first early planning steps have begun for Inferno Island II and Villages to Structures II, though the latter will probably be called something else.

No timeline or release window for either though. I'm hoping the current controversies blow over.
If they don't and the game starts death spiraling, all projects are effectively cancelled. I'll of course let folks know if that happens, though.


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