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History of the Nether (and most of Minecraft)

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I'm making all of this up, people. If you've got any better ideas, feel free to comment them.

Edit: Much of this has been disproven or whatever, don't really care, it's an old post and I don't feel like deleting it. (For example, fortresses are made by wither skeletons, as chiseled nether bricks show a wither skeleton's skull).

Thousands of years ago, there were two known dimensions. The Overworld, a place of life, with plants, water, and the sky. And then there was the nether, a place of heat, with burning flame, oozing lava seas, in a giant cave-like place. They mirrored each other, in certain ways. Probably the largest way of all was the civilizations.

      History of the Nether (and most of Minecraft)   History of the Nether (and most of Minecraft)

In the Overworld, there were humans. They had build massive structures; the strongholds, places where they stored their great lore and researched arcane secrets; the ocean monuments, where they created fish-like beings to guard their treasures; and many, many more.

In the nether, there were piglins. They had an empire larger than the humans, though the two groups didn't know about each other. They had massive mining operations for gold, which they loved more than any other ores. They built massive fortresses out of processed netherrack that towered over the lava seas, and had walls to protect from the tentacled horrors called ghasts. They used the winding, long tunnels of these fortresses to expand their power. When bored, they scratched metal discs and played them in strange devices they found, resulting in a song that topped the piglin top music charts (because it was the only one), Pigstep. The nether was theirs.

The piglins stared expeditions deep into the hearts of massive dying volcanoes. Most were never heard from again, but some came back. Those that did returned with a new, wonderful discovery: a black metal harder than diamonds (had they known about diamonds), that never scratched, never rusted, and was nearly impossible to break. And thus, netherite was discovered.

They spent decades excavating all the netherite they could find, and soon, they had almost all of it. Of course, this frantic of mining is never good. The volcanoes collapsed into giant caverns of basalt, destroying all of the mines. Now, the basalt deltas are wastelands devoid of all but the toughest life, with ash drifting through the air from long-extinct volcanoes.

Suddenly, the humans built strange rings of obsidian, resulting in portals to the nether. The piglins, though, were prepared, being a warlike race. They send waves and waves of the flaming creatures known as blazes at the humans. However, the humans made a discovery. Because of the powers the piglins had used to create the blazes, their crystal rods had magical power. The humans used these to brew potions, and soon were able to give themselves temporary immunity to the blazes. They used their eight minutes of power very, very well, and drove back the blazes, and taking a huge chunk out of the piglin empire.

The piglins, though this was considered taboo, sent more mining parties into the dead volcanoes to get a strange new material, a black rock, that had formed in the collapses, which called blackstone. (Let's face it. The piglins sucked at naming things. Ooh, guys that shoot fire! Blazes! Hog-like creatures that sort of resemble us! Hoglins! A stone that's black! Blackstone!) Using this new material, they built massive castle-like bastions at the main portals. Using these new fortresses, they successfully drove back the humans to the Overworld.

The humans, then, in the strongholds, made a shocking discovery. There was another dimension. Working frantically, almost mindlessly, they erected nearly indestructible portals to the new dimension. And waiting for them was a being of godlike power, of corruption and the void. A creature known only as the Ender Dragon. It had poisoned their minds, and when they arrived, they were reduced to mindless husks. The powers of the void rushed in, and warped their bodies. Their limbs grew, their skin turned black and strangely textured, their eyes glowed with a purple darkness, and they became slightly immaterial, with the ability to teleport. However, the most terrifying part was that they belonged to the dragon, body and soul. What they saw, it saw. What they heard, it heard. What they knew, it knew. The endermen were born, servents of the void.

The dragon immediately sent out these slaves to the Overworld. They destroyed most of the human's empire, leaving only blasted ruins. The strongholds became corrupt dungeons of darkness, ushering in the void, instead of the beacons of knowledge they once were. The human empire was reduced to distant villages of minuscule size. And soon, the endermen found the nether portals.

The piglins were severely weakened from the human's attacks, yet still persisted in fighting off the intruders. However, the powers of the void blasted through many of the piglins. Their bodies died and rose again as near-mindless zombies, but their minds were siphoned off elsewhere. To where, no on knew.

Suddenly, when the piglins were still reeling from the attacks of the endermen, the flayed skeletons of fallen humans started to animate. Even though the piglins had found animated skeletons from the humans before, none were like these. Their limbs were too long, similar to the endermen. Their bones were black and charred, with streaks of ash running through. But their eye sockets were terrible. They held darkness not like that of the void, but a gaping necrotic black trying to consume all life. They took swords made from the Overworld stone, and sent veins of blackness through them. Anyone hit by one would wither, their flesh shriveling and crumbling, until they were a husk of a person.

These wither skeletons, as they were called, stormed the piglins' fortresses, blasting them with necrotic energy, which shattered bridges, cutting off the piglins. The surviving piglins spent ages researching on what could have spawned these monstrosities, and came out with a second god-like being, one of death, that wanted to extinguish all life. It could only be called the Wither. And though its body was held in phantasmal chains, its mind was very active, attempting to spread the curse of undeath through all three realms.

The wither skeletons took over the fortresses, and now patiently wait for an unsuspecting being to resurrect their dread master. And the few surviving piglins were reduced to wandering nomads and hunter-gatherers, living off hoglin meat and fungi.

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Honestly, much of this stuff has been disproven by anyone paying any attention of detail to the game (for example, nether fortresses are made by the wither skeletons because the chiseled bricks have a wither skeleton skull), but glad you like it!
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