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Hocus Pocus & The All-New Sequel: Book Review

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Okay, okay. I get it. Hocus Pocus was a favorite movie of so many people you know. To be fair, it’s one of my favorite movies, too!
So that’s why I was super excited to grab the novel and to binge read the sequel. Favorite movie turned into a book? Hell to the yeah!

Except… it wasn’t what I thought it’d be.
In this blog, I’ll be posting a spoiler-free and a spoiler review. View the spoilers at your own risk(It doesn’t matter. I don’t recommend picking this book up.)

This is my very first review, so it kinda sucks :eyes:
Spoiler Free Review
"Hocus Pocus & The All-New Sequel" was written by A.W Jantha and Matt Griffin, released on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the classic Disney movie, "Hocus Pocus".
It is divided into two separate sections, the first being a basic novelization of the beloved film. Max Dennison accidentally releases a coven of witches into the town of Salem, Massachusetts, leading up to hilarious scenes involving "amuck, amuck, amuck!", black cats, and zombies.

This part was fine. It gave us little scenes inside Winifred Sanderson's head, so it had some bonuses. In fact, I loved that part of the book so much that it's the only reason why it's still on my shelf. But there was a change that I didn't appreciate. At all. Don't change a cult classic to fit your own story.

But... the second part of the novel was where I had some issues. It starts off by showing Max and Allison's 17-year-old daughter, Poppy Dennison in class with her father being the history teacher. Okay, but why would the Dennison's want to stick around in Salem after what happened twenty-five years ago? Whatever, I'll push that aside.
We then get introduced to Isabella and Travis, Poppy's best friends.
Poppy has a huge crush on Isabella, which was far from realistic. I hated the romance so, so much. Points for LGBT+ representation, though.
I didn't really understand the plot of the novel until around halfway through when they finally get to the Sanderson sisters.

I hated the characters. They were too predictable. I hated the adult versions of Max, Dani, and Allison. I hated the Sanderson sisters. They barely acted as they do in the movie, the writers didn't do a good job.

The writing style was too blunt. "They do this, they do that" type of thing.

Also, why was it called "The All-New Sequel"? That's just really boring.

The plot was too convenient.

Now, for the tropes that don't spoil:

Mean girl with an authoritative dad? Check!
Sidekick "best friend" who cracked lame jokes? Check!
LGBT+ character who was unrealistic? Check!

Spoiler Review
Okay. Here we go.


Mean girl who is actually jealous of the main character? Check!
The romance is over-convenient? Check!
Ending cliffhanger that means there's another sequel coming out? Check!

This stupid story dragged. Dragged so goddamn much, it actually makes me angry to think about it. I almost DNFd this, but I wanted to rant about it.
Who the hell is Elizabeth Sanderson and when did she come into the story? How come she just happened to know what was convenient for the characters?
Why were my favorite characters sent to Hell?
Why do we need a "blood moonstone"(edgy!) to bring them back?
Why are Binx and Emily there? They should be enjoying the afterlife!
Who the hell are these new witches? Why does the Sanderson's mother have to be there?
Why does Isabella have to turn into a Boston terrier? Binx was turned into a black cat, which made sense. But. A dog that was never associated with witches? Why?????
Jesus Christ, I was able to tell every single plot point from the very first word of the story, it was so predictable and I just. Hate it. So much.


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  • _sunghae_
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  • January 9, 2019, 10:45 am
this book sound horrific, and i trust your opinion- ill leave the HUGE hocus pocus fans to this book. :P
I wouldn't even want the cult to read it, I mean, I love the movie so, so much but oh my,,,

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