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This extends to further horizons as I will attempt to encompass the ability to make cards not just for your own gerne but for Minecraft as well!

Of course, my own experience takes me in another direction where I have developed my own TCG game from scratch! Of course, this is not to showcase those, but instead teach you how to make your own!

What's your theme? I chose fantasy beasts, but I would recommend Minecraft characters!

To begin, you must find a tcg card (magic, pokemon, poker, etc). Take this card and place it on cardstock. Outline it. After that you will cut out the card. Next you must use a pencil to outline the different stat boxes of the card. Draw the card, color it, name it, then fill in the stat boxes.

Next is to get deck protector sleeves! I prefer black! You can place the card in these to protect them!

Seem simple? It is! But just to help you understand, here is one of my cards being drawn!:


You can see the stats I added for the card and the method for drawing it! That's the card part, but next is developing the rules. It might work to take pieces here and there from card games you already know, or make rules up yourself. I attempted something different where the game is co-op with friends and you work together to beat the game. How does that work? Here's my tutorial on how to play my particular game:


Now that you have the rules developed the fun begins! Keep making cards! I find 50 is minimum before a good game can be played.

At this point you can decide if you will make it available to others. I use GIMP and updated them digitally after scanning them into the computer, but they won't be ready for a while. When I'm done I will put them on the gamecrafter.com. With that said, you can now see what the digital version looks like!:


It's only amazing fun from here and you are on your way to making your own TCG game!

Just for fun, you can learn by watching me make more cards if you wish!:









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  • EJDEV08
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  • January 6, 2019, 12:06 pm
that last 1 tho
yeah, silly!

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