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"Honey"... (Short Story and Skin)

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Stick around...for this will be part of the new and improved Skin N' Tales...

This story may be disturbing to some viewers, discretion is advised.

Poohbear and his friends, they were simple stuffed animals to Christopher, but to the child they are real to him. But, as death is as natural as life being born in the world, so is a child growing up and no longer playing with toys and imagining such things.

Year after year, Robin visited the animals less and less and each time they saw him he grew taller, his voice was changing, his ideas shifted, and he began showing less interest in the creatures.

The stuffed animals noticed this, and it caused an empty aching feeling in their stomach, especially for Pooh. The rabbit, the wisest quickly understood the child was changing and he chose to discuss what was going on.

"Robin is growing up you see, it's a part of life". The animals in the group exclaimed in unison "OH"! All but the bear though, instead he threw his jar of Honey and it shattered into pieces with a loud crash. "NO, ALL THE TIME WE HAVE SPENT WITH HIM? ALL THE MEMORIES? AND HE'S JUST GOING TO FORGET US"?!

All the animals were frightened, they never seen Pooh so angry. "C-calm down Winnie". The bear grew more furious, "DON'T TELL ME TO CALM DOWN, HE WAS NEVER YOUR FRIEND TO BEGIN WITH"! The words stung the rabbit, and he just silently left, a single tear escaping his eye.

This left all the animals uneasy and put off, they each left the bear one at a time to his own anger in the open field, all but Piglet of course. The swine went to comfort Pooh, telling him that it'll be okay, they will find a new child to play with. Poohbears mood lightened, "You really think so Piglet"? The Pig clamored, "OF COURSE, we were put in this world solely to help children in their lives and be their friends"!

The bear let out a sigh of relief, Piglet went to go collect the shards of ceramic and honey when he ends up cutting his hand on the shards. "OUCH"! Piglets hand dripped into the bottom of the jar that remained intact, mixing with the sweet yellow goo. The bear ran to his aid, "Are you okay Piglet"? The pig grimaced, "Yeah, strange though, I didn't know we could do this, what do you think it is"?

Puzzled, the yellow bear just shook his head and shrugged. "I better go clean up my hand". Said Piglet, and he went home. Pooh picked up the broken ceramic and dirty honey then tossed it into the trash, his stomach growled at him.
"Mmm, honey time"! Exclaimed Pooh, he looked at the bottom of the broken honey jar, he saw red honey at the end.

"Hmm, strawberry jam, or strawberry honey perhaps"! The bear quickly shoved his hand into the slime, and took a taste. "WOW, THIS IS THE BEST"! The yellow bear continued to eat away his problems, lips smacking and sucking until the jar was empty.

Pooh was full, and he began to walk home when he stopped dead in his tracks. His vision tunneled, his heart began racing at a pace never before, he began to shake full of anxiety and the only thing he could think about was the Red Honey.

Pooh said aloud, "I need more". His voice, it was deeper and rough, like a growl. He picked up the scent of the Red Honey, and began following it. Night fell when he reached the scent, a tree, Piglets house sat silently in front of him with an orange glow from the bottom of the door.

Pooh walked up to the door, and tried to open it but it didn't move. He began banging on the door, when Piglet swung it open, "Poohbear what are you doing here, it's very late". The yellow bear shoved the Pig deeper into his home, his head and back cracked into a wall.

Pooh walked inside the tree, and closed the door behind him slowly. Piglet shouted, "What's wrong with you Pooh?! That really hurt"! The bear stood in front of the door facing it away from the pig, his hands on the door in a leaning resting position, his head quicky shifting left to right in a blur.

In a blink of an eye, his head stopped with a snapping sound. Claws broke from the skin, his voice deep and menacing, his height increased. And he said, "Piglet, I need more". "More what"?! The piglet asked in fear.

The yellow bear quickly turned to face the pig, snapping noises from his body echoed in the home, his eyes black as night with a massive grin full of disturbing teeth spread across his face, "Red Honey".

Pooh lunged after the pig in a screaming rage, the pink creature yelped in terror. The beast grabbed Piglet by the head, gouged his claws into the pink animals eyes, and pulled them out, dropping the blind screaming pig to the floor and sucked and licked the juicy eye balls from his thumbs.

Blind, crawling, and squealing like a swine in pain, the bear grabbed him by his ankles and dragged him back to the yellow monster, and he shoved his entire head into his mouth and crushed down with a sickening crunch.

The other animals could hear all the screaming, and stepped out of their homes in curiosity and fear. Poohbear slammed the door to the tree open, half a Pig dangling lifelessly from his mouth as he quickly swallowed.

They all screamed and begin running for their lives or take shelter back inside their homes. The yellow beast roared in the night, and chased the slowest of the group, Eeyore.

The sad donkey was no match in speed, and receives a swipe to his side causing the ribs to break as claws rend the flesh. He rolls over on his back in pain to face his lost blood thirsty friend, and he says, "What's the point"? The bear stomps his foot into the stomach of the donkey, the force causing the body to splash in two with a loud splat.

The bear quicky eats the fresh body, and seeks his next victim. The owl dives from his house and uses a talon to slash out the eye of Pooh, but the effort was a waste, as the bear grabs Owls foot, snaps it, and slams the creature into the ground, causing his beak to break through the back of his skull.

He then sees Roo crying in fear as he is dramatically traumatized as to what he has just witnessed, too frozen with fear to move as the bear closes in on him. Kanga quickly comes to the aid of her child as she slashes the yellow monstrosities stomach with a knife, the bear laughs at the pain and violently grabs and breaks the arm of the mother at her shoulder, elbow, wrist, forearm, hand, then tears off her arm and begins beating her to death with the limb.

The child begins running for his life, Rabbit sees this as his opportunity to escape. As he quickly runs down the path away from the horrific carnage, he hears Roo scream but it is shortlived.

Tigger sneaks up behind the terrifying entity that is no longer his friend, a pool of blood lies on the ground that surrounds a little blue coat, and the tiger slams a hammer on the back of the beasts skull. It slowly turns around to look at the orange tiger.

Rabbit still running for his life trying to figure out what to do, an orange blur flies past him and slams into a tree. It's Tigger, with a mallet shoved down his throat as his face appears violently beaten. The rabbit stops dead in his tracks, swallows hard as he feels a presence behind him, he turns around ever so slowly hoping he will be given a miracle.

The giant yellow bear stands over him, covered in the blood of others and the blood of its own injuries, it smiles at him with its crimson grin.

One Year Later

Christopher emerges into the imaginary forest, the only sounds he can hear are leaves and branches dancing in the wind, the path he usually walks is overgrown and faint, bones here and there.

He comes up to a sign, with only an arrow painted in red, and atop of it is a skull of a little kangaroo. Robins eyes water, his body stunned in terror and disbelief, his face empty of color as his stomach churns.

He manages to break eye contact with the skull, and continues to walk when he comes upon one house after another of his perished friends, the homes empty and dark, overgrowth took over, doors left opened.

He hears a voice that he isn't familiar with, he turns to see Pooh, large and distorted, covered in old blood and stitching, sitting on a chair made of bones with a rabbit pelt as the seat comforter.

The beast gets up and says, "There you are Chris, I can smell your honey from here"...

"Honey"... (Short Story and Skin)
CreditWinnie The Pooh creator

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01/27/2023 5:06 pm
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What a lovely story
01/27/2023 5:25 pmhistory
Level 41 : Master Skinner
Guts N Pixels
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Thank you, I wonder how far I can go with this until PMC draws the line...
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