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HorizonCity Reviews - November 10th,2014

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avatar hooptiecoupe
Level 33 : Artisan Network
November 10th, 2014
Server Spotlight: FarmCraft


The server recently switched hands and is now owned by
tbulldog. He was a long time supporter of this brand of server
When the adam was looking to shut it down. Tbulldog stepped up
and kept it going.

Were very glad he did. Cause this introduces a really interesting
play into MC. You start off as as simple farmer, with a few seeds of wheat.
from there, you rank up.. build up, eventually creating automated sugarcane farms, pumpkin farms and other farming devices.
Personally, my favorite is shearing sheep. The community is very lively.
Tbulldog alwasy hosts a fun game he calls "TRIVIA TIME" whenever he's online.

Its a nice , relaxed server style. Get on, try them out and let em know
hooptiecoupe sent ya. you might even see me on working on my farm.

This server is one of my personal favorites. It will be great to see where it goes a year from now.

Mod Spotlight: Personification Mod


This is Mod finds it way to our forums all the way from japan.

You want a mod, that will add EPIC weapons, cool ore, new dimensions,
Crazy armor, Neat animals, more food?

sorry, your not going to get that here.
This mod does 1 thing and 1 thing only....
It changes EVERY MOB in minecraft to look like a cute japanese girl.
(the spider girl is my favorite)
Its a cute mod. that makes minecraft less scary. Thats all it does.
Nothing else.

Map Spotlight: Stick Tower2 By: Dragonic212



The MOST EPIC Parkour Map of all time.
It ranges from easy to hard at times.
If your afraid of heights, or get the feeling of vertigo sometimes.
you DONT want check this out.
This map will find you climbing Higher and higher.
until you finally reach the top.

Whats up there? Play it to find out.

Website Spotlight:

For all you Map makers out there. and Aspiering coders...

FINALLY and easy way to learn and make mobs in MC.
this website allows you to create mobs for command blocks

you can put armor on them, give them weapons with custom names and lore.
decide if you want those wepaons to havea drop chance.
deicde the health of the mob, speed of the mob, all sorts of things.
Its very easy to fill out and generate a /summon mob script for your command blocks. It will also help you to understand how the script works
so you can learn to make your own summon mobs.

Server Plugin Spotlight: AreaTP


A great random teleport plugin.
One of hte best ones out there.
If you use mutliple worlds, you can configure the signs
so that they can random teleport form spawn to ANY world
that is listed on the sign.

for instance, want to random teleport someone to the nether..
[rtp] nehter. Want to random teleprot someone to yoru resouce world?
[rtp] rescource

simple as that. you can allow players to use signs, or configure it so that just
type in /rtp
very simple and easy to use random teleport plugin. One of the best if had the chance to test out.

Youtuber Spotlight: "The great Escape" By: YouAlwaysWin

remember when you would wake up early on saturday morning
to watch cartoons?
If you dont, well trust me.. This is what it feels like.
Theres really nothing i can say other than you
will regret not subscribing to these guys.

Got a Map, Mod , server or youtuber you'd like me to spotlight?

Contact me at: [email protected]
or join us at: www.hooptiesworld.com

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