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HorizonCity Reviews - Oct.27th, 2014

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avatar hooptiecoupe
Level 34 : Artisan Network
Server Spotlight: MinecraftMuder


We Recently did a Community Lets Play on this server and HAD a Blast!
Its super simple to join and play on. The rules are simple,
If your the murderer.. you kill eveyrone without getting spotted.
If your an innocent, you survive,...while trieing to find out who the ,murderer is.
If you want a Scary good time, this is a great server and community to join and check out!

Mod Spotlight: Invasion Mod

Invasion Mod

This mod is still a work in progress. But, it can be crazy fun fending of the Hordes of attackers that come at you in Singelplayer Mode.
Your goal is to build the NEXUS and then protect it from the constant onslaught of hordes.
Mobs climb over walls, destroy walls, destroy you...
Your Reward for keeping the NExus alive? Rift Flux, which you can use to craft
a few better weapons to continue fighting of the crazy amount of hordes that start comeing at you.
All set at killing you .. and then your precious Nexus.

Map Spotlight: Adventure Multiplex By: Jigarbov


This is an older map, best played on 1.6.4 Its been tested on 1.7.2 and works okay.
The only issue with this map if you play it on any Minecraft version above 1.6.4 is that spawnpoints won't
activate if you play on higher versions.

This Map Was put together By Jigarbov, but composed of 100's of indiviual MINI-adventures that were created and submitted to Jigarbov from 100's of diffrent builders.

Theres is literally hours upon hours of gameplay here. Your probably going to switch to creative mod a few times just out of shear frustration. Its hard to truly describe the scope of this map in words. Its something you really have to see and play on to beleive. But,...it'll be worth your time.

Website Spotlight: Project Wonderful


Looking for a good way to Advertise your server or MC website?
DOnt have much income? Why not try Project Wonderful. Its a easy and free to start useing there service to advertise. you can setup campagins to help generate traffic flow to your website or server site with as little as $5 dollars.

Server Plugin Spotlight: Essentials Plugins


Theres a lot of Essentials Plugins immitators on bukkit, or addons to sift thru.
but this is the orginal.

It adds 100's of commands for ADMIN/OP's to use or give to players thru PEX or someother permissions system.

Sethome, teleport, warp command or warp signs, cahnge the weather, wear a hat,
add a nickname, create a jail for players that break rules, give XP, money ,items,
heal thine self, repair tools, the list goes on. Its really almost insane.

Why add 10-20 various plugins, when you can jsut add this 1 plugin to suit your servers needs? It really is the essential plugin for any starting server.

UPDATE: If your looking for the official version for the SPONGE server API. Its now called the "Nexus Plugin"

Youtuber Spotlight: MotionMiracles

Time for some more fun animation videos!
This youtube as only made 2 animation videos, but... there very enjoyable to watch.

If you'd like to see more from him,
show em some love, give em some likes, and comment on his videos asking for more animation mini-movies,
Be sure to let em know i sent you


Got a Map, Mod , plugin, youtuber or Server you'd Like to help spotlight?
Send me an request thru email and i'll check it out.

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updated broken links. fixed a few typos and errors in writeing.

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