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How to use a custom terrain.png file without downloading a pack

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avatar ProGamingCrew
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Hey guys

and welcome to my first tutorial ever. today i gonna show u how to use a texturepack block file(better known as terrain.png.)

1. Step: rightclick on the picture in the description(that shpould work fine with every Windows PC)

2. Step: Download the Picture( Goto save graphics and done)

3. Step: rename it to terrain( u can rename the file before saving but dont rename it to terrain.png if u dont want this: terrain.png.png)

4. Step: open .minecraft and the minecraft jar in the bin with WinRar/7Zip(download WinRar 32bit here and 7zip 32bit here)

5. Step: put the terrain.png file into the folder. the folder contains folders like mob or gui. u can paste it in every folder but if u just paste it in the bin it replaces the default terrain.png and thats what we want right :D(i prefer to save it on the desktop. if u dont like that just make a new folder)

6. Step: click ok in the windows which is displayed(this windows ask u if u wanna paste and replace the file. if thats diplayed press ok and the new terrain.png replaces the old)

7. Step: close all .minecraft files(otherwise it can break ur Minecraft)

8. Step: Enjoy the undone Texture Pack

9. Step: Give a nice Feedback

If u wanna try this tutorial heres my terrain.png. Its 50% done and looks pretty amazing i think.
Original Link

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I hope this helped some of you guys!!!

ProGamingpngCrew over

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Update #1 : 02/15/2013 5:23:45 pmFeb 15th, 2013

i added some more specific text for easier following
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