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"How can you draw like that?"

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Okay, so it's completely possible that I've lost some of your trust due to my "history" of writing "tutorials", but hear me out, I'm serious this time.
I already missed my chance to strike on April Fools ugh god

Disclaimer: this is less "art tips" and more "how did I get to where I am now?" The image I chose was from a scrapped blog post from long long ago and it just kinda stuck there and I went with it.

A question I see everywhere on every art blog, every deviantart post, heck even on some of my own stuff is something along the lines of "how can you draw like that?" In fact, I just got asked that recently and that is the exact reason why I'm writing this now, to share this possibly "valuable" information with others who may frequently ask this same question.

Well, TL;DR Practice makes perfect. But I think there's a bit more to that. I'm basically going to be a good health teacher and prepare you for your menstruation very bluntly. I mean, art is practically the same pain as bleeding everywhere and constantly thinking you soiled yourself.


To begin, there's something everyone needs to understand before continuing with this read.
Why are you drawing? Do you enjoy it?

I firmly believe there's little point in trying to learn more about something if you don't have genuine interest in it. That turns a potential hobby into a chore. It's the exact reason why most are fed up with school, the vast majority of the topics you learn about are things you find boring and have zero interest in pursuing most of the time. If you want to pursue art, you have to be willing to learn more about it to improve your works. Of course, if you already enjoy drawing then that's the first step already over with.

That's just step one though.

Sometimes you might--or already do--find yourself stuck.
"Why does everything I draw turn out imperfect?" "Why can't I be more like ___?"

There was a time when I would often trace drawings with intentions of posting picture perfect art when it was just someone else's creation with a hideous mask I painted onto it. Heck, I remember I had an MS Paint edited icon of my inspiration's work that was supposed to my "persona". I remember getting caught and I deleted both the skin and removed my icon immediately.

SO DON'T GET CAUGHT, HERE'S HOW!... Just kidding.

I think it's okay to trace, but only if you have the right intentions. Sometimes to this day I'll trace someone's work if I need help with anatomy, however I'll never dare go beyond that. It's disrespectful to the artists I worship daily--

Bases are a bit better. They're made to be used by others, so use them if you want to. Just remember that you can't rely on the crutches forever, someday you need to grow and get out of your comfort zone and draw your own body, or face, or whatever.
Which brings me to my next point--

Getting out of your comfort zone. That's what art is, right?

You have to try new things. Maybe there's something your favorite artist did that looked really cool, and you want to try it. Even if it might turn out bad, just try! Side profiles, a certain hand pose, new perspectives, complicated backgrounds, just give it a try. That's the first step to eventually perfecting something. Don't be afraid.

Ahh, reminds me that I never got to the point on the whole "why can't I be like ___?" thing.
I went on a trance about tracing and bases. oops. I guess you could line this up with art block too, which is exactly what I'm going to do.

I remember when I was in seventh grade I was super confident and prideful about my stupid notebook drawings and my super original rip-off Fairy Tail story OCs. I called that series Golden Hope by the way, I still have every Word document and a draw dedicated to those sins of drawings. But here's the important thing--I had confidence. My friend hated me for that ignorance, but I had it and wore it blindly and pridefully.

I'm not saying you should force yourself to like your drawings if you already don't. It's okay to be critical of yourself in moderation, but you should cut yourself some slack every now and then, yeah? I like seeing someone who's confident in their art rather than putting themselves down at every chance they have. It really makes me respect them regardless of what's on the canvas. Hard work was put into the drawing and that's what important. The effort.

How can you draw like that special person? Just work hard. Put effort into every drawing. Draw during class if you have to.
Take every spare second of your day to draw if you feel like it.

Practice really is everything. It's how you can go from sucking at some sport or something into a total pro, it's just up to you whether or not you can recognize whether you're good at something or not.

Also, some art block tips. I suggest you take a break from drawing and revisit the things that inspired you. Rest and repair, as I like to say. Once you feel refreshed, pick up that pen and draw! or something. Maybe it's harder than that for some.

Anyways, I'll end this with little tips.
A change in tools can really change everything. Almost two years ago on my birthday I got my first drawing tablet and Manga Studio 5. It really broadened my horizons and permanently changed me.

Second, surround yourself with artists. Whether it be deviantart or an art class, be around people who care about art just as much as you do.

Third, speedpaints. If you want to pursue an anime art style, I recommend Hyanna-Natsu, Yamio and NekoRina (i'll add links later, i'm tired). If you want more a realistic animu then Sakiimichan is for you. or something. Just find the people that match to your style and see how they do it. Slow down the video if you need to.

If I remember anything else I'll just add it here. It's getting late haha

Remember to keep moving forward. It might get hard but if you can overcome the obstacle, you'll be great in no time. I believe in the you that made in all the way to the bottom of this blog. <3

Thanks for taking the time to read! I'm sorry that this is so unorganized, it's just a bunch of my compiled thoughts. I let my fingers take over this time.

Do your best kthx

Creditoriginally this was the part of the blog where i'd write a love letter to all of my friends and beg for cheesecake but i feel like a dad now so let's not kthx

04/14/2017 8:28 am
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Vincent _1987
B-but.. this is my cheesecake.. I requested Cheesecake Factory to put my name on it..
04/11/2017 2:11 pm
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it's easy you just sell your soul
04/12/2017 9:37 pm
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i never had a soul to begin with
04/11/2017 10:14 am
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Well thanks for the love letter
04/12/2017 9:37 pm
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yes but where's my cheesecake
04/09/2017 5:56 pm
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I , i think practising is non everything. In m'y opinion it's more like "Oh i love this or i found this cool si go try to make something like." Trying différents techniques can a good way to get better, faster (maybe stronger too) .

Congrats for ur post.

04/12/2017 9:46 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Ladybug
I think that's really just what practice is though. It's kind of like practice for a sport, you have to do it in order to get better at something you enjoy. Using different techniques is definitely equally as important though. That's why I also think that while practice is the general answer that there's more to it than just doing the same thing over and over again until you improve.

Thanks for the comment!
04/09/2017 11:23 am
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also here are the links to those artists bc i feel like putting them here idek i have the urge to

04/12/2017 9:42 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Ladybug

i'll just leave their youtube links here too, thanks for linking them viiii
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