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How Herobrine images are FAKED

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Hello everyone. As many of you may know, I'm pretty active in the forums. There's one part of the forums, though, that I rarely venture to--the Ghost in the Code section. This is the part of the forums dedicated to discussion of Herobrine and other unusual Minecraft finds. Well, last night, I decided to look in that part of the forums...and wow. The number of badly and obviously edited 'proof' pictures is insane. The more I read, the more I realized that people are really unaware of how easy it would be to photoshop convincing images of Herobrine. That lead me to begin thinking about this blog.

Most people are able to easily spot re-skinned zombie 'Herobrines' or re-skinned iron door 'Herobrines', so I wanted to take the images up a notch. Using only basic photoediting abilities and Paint.net (a free, simple, dumbed-down version of Photoshop), I was able to create these pictures. They required no advanced editing skills, and in fact I'm such a beginner that I don't even know how to use Photoshop in the first place. Still, though, they look convincing and you would probably be able to stump many people with them.

All of these images were taken on the PMC server. The role of Herobrine was played by kvSketch.

omg herobrine is in my houseee!!11!!!!!11

This is the first image and the simplest to create. The main issue presented was that people in Multiplayer have name-tags, which will easily identify anyone in a Herobrine skin. I could try to draw the background over the nametag, but that would be easily identifiable under close inspection. So, I needed another way to be able to paint out the name-tag.

After a bit of thinking, I came up with an easy way to erase the name-tag. What I did was that I didn't just take one screenshot, I took two. I stood in one spot and took a picture without Herobrine. Then, without moving, I instructed kvSketch to come into my field of view, and I took another picture. If you compare these images you'll see that the background is exactly the same, which is what I wanted. Then, in Paint.net, I layered the Herobrine image over the empty image. I took the eraser tool and simply erased the name-tag out, revealing the name-tag-less image underneath

And...voila! I have a convincing Herobrine image in only two steps. It's possible to do this with yourself in the image too...

take my peace offering of redstone!!!11!!!!1 (remember, in Multiplayer you can't see your own name tag)

It's also possible to get a bit fancier with your images. I used the magic wand tool and selected Herobrine. I then copied and pasted the image of Herobrine onto a new layer in front of my empty image. From that layer, I was able to add effects to Herobrine without affecting the backround. That can give you effects like...

ghostbrine!!!!!11!!1!! (I simply decreased the opacity of the 'Herobrine' layer)

noise...brine? noisebrine!!!1!!1! in ur house corruptin ur worlds!

The more effects you add the faker the image looks (see the title image of this blog for an example), but you still get the picture. It's really, really easy to create convincing Herobrine images with only minimal photoediting skills.

So...what's the point of all this? Aren't people just going to use this blog as a tutorial on how to fool people? Well...probably. But for each person who will do that, I hope that I've convinced another person to be a bit more skeptical when looking at alleged proof of unproven things--whether it be Herobrine, UFOs, conspiracy theories or anything of the like. It's human nature to give people the benefit of the doubt when they say they've seen something odd. From what I've seen, though, people will not hesitate to lie on the internet if it means they get to be the center of attention. Do you know how many people have told me that 'Oh I promise that I made that skin legitimately, and it's just a coincidence that someone else uploaded an identical skin a year earlier! I promise!!'? Because it's a lot of people. You might feel like a jerk for calling someone out on a lie, but I think it's high time that people start thinking logically when discussing Herobrine.

Speaking of logic...

Herobrine does not exist in PC Minecraft. Period. It's impossible to 'hide' something in the code of the game, let alone a mob with complex AI. The only 'proof' is easily-faked images (like above) and unsubstantiated firsthand accounts. If you use logical thinking, it shouldn't be too difficult to come to the conclusion that Herobrine is, in fact, fake.

Update: Ever seen (or made) bad Herobrine pictures yourself? Post them in my accompanying thread!
CreditkvSketch, for volunteering to be my Herobrine

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09/17/2016 10:07 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Narwhal
Cyber- avatar
He existed for a bit - but he wasn't made on purpose, which started the creepypasta thing. And he didn't corrupt worlds and that stuff.
08/17/2015 2:27 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Skinner
cyandyecake avatar
This was awesome xD
06/24/2015 10:06 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Network
mica3916 avatar
what texture pack are U using?
11/13/2014 8:19 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
callfailed avatar
What is the resource pack you are using??? ^-^
11/19/2013 9:43 am
Level 76 : Legendary Snark
Aximili avatar
Cool tutorial. I might use the effect sometime.
11/05/2013 6:58 pm
Level 73 : Legendary Wizard
theVoid1313 avatar
You know who I think started this whole "Herobrine" thing? The last person you would think: Notch. It might sound crazy, but, if you think about it, he was the one who said "he liked the rumours". Notch always was a person who liked secrets, so he might as well like to have a creepy pasta related to his game. It would be really unique in my opinion.
10/19/2013 7:52 am
Level 52 : Grandmaster Architect
Suspence1127 avatar
We would of found Herobrine in the code by now if he existed, which he doesnt
10/02/2013 12:12 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Crafter
th3ee3picmstr avatar
Btw All These are using a texturepack so That means that the default skin for notch can be herobrine
07/29/2013 11:15 am
Level 43 : Master Pokemon
Jacob Rigoberto
Jacob Rigoberto avatar
He did exist in an unrelased verson by Notch. BTW Herobrine is an real user :3
03/08/2014 1:59 am
Level 9 : Apprentice Network
ChrisDood avatar
And where did you find this so called "proof" about this "unreleased version by Notch"? And he is, it's just some idiot with a troll account. Give me proof, because he's fake.
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