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How I Make Lively Talking Mobs | Minecraft Java 1.18+ | Command Toolbox #11

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WinniesCreations avatar WinniesCreations
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Bonjour! Hope you're having some great summer holidays if you're in the southern hemisphere, like me. And if you're not, I hope you don't hate winter!

This is a video that I didn't think I would make, because I thought that the subject matter wasn't interesting enough to hold a video on its own. Turns out, a subscriber asked me to do it because they had no idea what the process is, so I guess it was interesting after all!

So today you'll learn how to make mobs talk, kinda like NPCs. I absolutely love doing this, it's the backbone of many of my creations.

I hope you understand eveything perectly and dominate these commands in minutes!

See you next time.


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