How I Make Skins

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How do I make skins? Well, first I need to think of what I'm going to make. I usually get a reference picture for the character I'm making. A reference helps so much in the steps to make a Minecraft Skin!

The first thing I do is get all the colors I need, and I start filling in the characters' skin. I don't fill in the characters' shirt or pants, I just fill it all in with the right skin tone. But before I do that, I fill in the chest a random color so I know which way he is facing.

After I've done that, I start making the head, I'll start with either the hair or the eyes. For the hair, I'll normally just use black, but if the character's hair is a different color, I will try to match that color as perfectly as possible. Now on to the eyes, I start by make two white dots,

then I add a darker white dot under them. After I've done that, I choose the characters' eye color, and I place a light version of it on top, and a darker version on the bottom! After I've done that, I remove the random color on the chest, and start coloring the shirt and pants!

After I've colored them in, I start shading! So to shade, all you have to do is go to a new color slot, copy the color you want, and make it darker. Then on the bottom left of the skin, I make the shade like stairs! And always, ALWAYS, remember to shade in the inner body, the bottom parts of the shoes, and your left side of your left limbs.

And after I've finished those, if the character has a hat, I make a hat. A cape, I make a cape. Then I just save it, and upload it to PMC!

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