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How Restore a Jailbroken IPODTouch/Ipad/Iphone

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Now seeming everyones having this problem i decided to Make a quick and simple Tutorial on how to restore your IOS device when it cannot connect to itunes

After hearing about this Jailbreak system and unlocking your ipod and getting tons of free apps its not that Sugar and candy as you think

it can be EXTREMELY hard for people to put music on your IOS device and that just defeats the purpose of the IpodTouch
Plus all the free 3rd party apps are suckish anyway so here's a tutorial

Seeming that jailbreaking software breaks iTunes you will need to re install iTunes so it repairs all of its services


STEP 1: Re-install iTunes and start up iTunes

Now plug your Device into the Computer and once it hits charge the PC will see it as a removeable storage device but itunes wont pick it up

STEP 2: Simply hold down the OFF button at the top and the Home button with the Square on it untill the screen turns black
Then release the power button and keep holding down the square button

This will put your Ipod in Distress mode

this will also prevent it from Turning the screen on so don't freak out

As the ipod is plugged into the PC iTunes will pick up the IOS Distress signal and prompt you to restore it

Simply Press the restore Button on Itunes and it will download a new version of IOS into your Device and remove the jailbroken files

iTunes will pick up your IOS device and see it as a Vanilla IOS copy and will allow you to use it as it was before it was jailbroken

I hope this tutorial helps
I spent hours on searching on the internet on how to reverse my Jailbreak on my iPodTouch
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