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How tall are the main hostile mobs?

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GhillySquid avatar GhillySquid
Level 25 : Expert Dragon
Okay so first we will to know how tall Steve is to base our calculations off of.

Since his eyes are 28 pixels above his feet, leaving 4 pixels above his eyes (.23m), Steve is approximately 1.85 meters tall (6'1"). - -minecraft.gamepedia.com

If what above is true Then we can estimate that the Zombie, Creeper and Skeleton are just as tall as Steve.

Okay. Now that we know how tall Steve is and we know that Steve is about two blocks tall and an Enderman is three we divide 6.1 by 2 and that equals 3.05 so each block is a little over 3'0.5" now we should multiply that by three! That equals 9.15.

This means the Ender Man is about 9'1" and a half!

Now the Spider's turn! From making exp farms of spiders if have come to know that spiders are about a half block tall (a slab) so we already figured that each block is 3'0.5" so we should cut that in half also and that is 1.525. Let's round that to 1.53 and so the spider is approximately 1'5.3"

Approximate heights

Creeper- 6'1"

Skeleton- 6'1"

Zombie- 6'1"

Spider- 1'5.3"

Enderman- 9'1.5"

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08/10/2014 6:07 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Geek
Skullduggerycain avatar
Pretty cool. Diamond for you.
08/10/2014 2:41 pm
Level 17 : Journeyman Network
callistokrats avatar
You're really...
mathy. Nice!
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