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How the world is gonna end tomorrow!!

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avatar amars1545
Level 25 : Expert Architect

Haha, the world is not gonna end on the 21st. There is no planet heading our way, it was just a hoax. Plus it can't be a zombie infection. that would take ages like a few days.

Imaging your faces! That would be funny.

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  • BL3CH
  • Level 53
  • Grandmaster Farmer
  • December 19, 2012, 11:38 pm
[size=10pt]ummm thats a theory that we already wont happen because in 2011 you would of been able to see two suns in the sky ... the brown dwarf and the sun. it is predicted that once the plantary allignment happens a polar shift will take place causing the earths crust to shift 180 degrees this is called a polar shift. where the magnetic fields move causeing the north pole to take place where the south pole is. thats the only possible way the world could suffer... it would cause tsunamis earth quakes, volcanos to erupt ... seas and moutain to move across the world. they think this because every [/size][size=medium]730,000 years+ a mass extinction occurs. the mayan calender is a perfect [/size]opportunity[size=medium] to make hoax.[/size]

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