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How To - Style Up Your Bukkit Server's Bat File

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avatar Cool_Man7
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Tired of the ugly look with your server's bat file?

Don't want to have to use a program to change it?

Try this wonderful solution!

That's right! You can now customize your server's bat file to make it much better to look at! It's very simple to do!

I will using windows for this tutorial, if you have a different start method than -

java -Xms2018M -Xmx2018M -jar craftbukkit.jar -o true


It should still work, however this is only been tested on Windows. No guaranties.

Now to change it, we are going to do some simple Batch coding. Now don't fret, this is very simple to do.

First we are going to add the -


Starting Minecraft Server


and the color to it.

Now open the Batch file with your favorite text editor.

Add ABOVE your start method -

@echo off
color 3
echo ====================================================
echo Starting Minecraft Server
echo ====================================================
@echo on

That will add the starting message AND color.
Now BELOW your start method add,

@echo off

echo Closing Minecraft Server

Now let me explain what all this code means.
- @echo off means that whatever code you put (Example: echo Hi), it will not show the code. It will only print "Hi".
- @echo on means it WILL show the code you put.
- echo means it will print whatever is after it.
- PAUSE pauses the script. You have to press a button for it to continue.

Well that's it! You now have styled up your bat file!
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