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how to activate a conduit

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BassHeroSDGR305DX_PMC avatar BassHeroSDGR305DX_PMC
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welcome to another tutorial made by me, I guess, I will explain you the process step by step of how to activate the conduit to the power of conduit effect for your Minecraft world, if you do this then you will be still alive in the water in a specific radius

Step 1: get the heart of the sea(hearts of the sea can be found in the treasure chests, find a shipwreck or aquatic ruins)

Step 2: kill 8 drowned with nautilus shell

Step 3: in your crafting table, surround your heart of the sea with your 8 nautilus shells, you will get the conduit!

Step 4: get prismarine blocks or prismarine bricks, this blocks can be found in ocean monuments, be careful with guardians and 2 elder guardians!

Step 5: Make 3 squares around the conduit as shown in the image above

It's ready, now you have water breathing, night vision and more speed mining on the water, The power of the conduit has 95 blocks o
f radius, if you pass through this radius you will lose the effect, return to this radius and you will get the effect again, Have I helped you?

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03/30/2022 9:17 pm
Level 48 : Master Technomancer
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bruh we all know how to activate this, its basic XD
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