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How to Bake a Cake

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avatar seohyeonmin
Level 35 : Artisan Pokemon
Hello Planet Minecraft!

It isn't really baking the cake. It's more closer to... crafting the cake.


First of all, in Minecraft you can take 6 bites in a cake. Each restoring px-Hungersvgpng. This results up to px-Hungersvgpngpx-Hungersvgpngpx-Hungersvgpngpx-Hungersvgpngpx-Hungersvgpngpx-Hungersvgpng restored when you gobble up the whole thing. The whole thing looks as if it is covered in cream then cherries are popped now and then right on top. When you break a cake you can't get it back. The sword breaks it fastest but it does double damage. Whenever you use a tool on something you shouldn't, the green bar reduces quicker.

The Goods:
You get an achievement for making one.
It restores px-Hungersvgpngpx-Hungersvgpngpx-Hungersvgpngpx-Hungersvgpngpx-Hungersvgpngpx-Hungersvgpng!
it is made up of renewable resources, meaning you can create infinite cake!

The Bads:
It is costly...
You can't retrieve it...
It doesn't stack...

The History:
Notch said if Minecraft won the 2010 Indie of the Year Awards he would add cake.
In 1.2 beta it healed px-Heartsvgpngpx-Heartsvgpngpx-Heartsvgpngpx-Heartsvgpngpx-Heartsvgpngpx-Heartsvgpngpx-Heartsvgpngpx-Heartsvgpngpx-Heartsvgpng.
In 1.8 beta it gave you px-Hungersvgpngpx-Hungersvgpngpx-Hungersvgpngpx-Hungersvgpngpx-Hungersvgpngpx-Hungersvgpng.

The Recipe:
3 Milk Buckets
2 Sugar
1 Egg
3 Wheats

My name is seohyeonmin and I hope you all enjoyed.

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