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How to be a game or mod developer.

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avatar Khanz
Level 25 : Expert Dragonborn
So, do you want to be a game or modification developer? See this then.

The first things you have to know, is that a game developer is a job for people who have had experience with applications or video games. Basic knowledge of how to use a computer and how many mechanics work is required.

I am currently also someone who is learning to make video games, and I do have a bit of a struggle, but I can still learn. School is a bit in the way, which is the main problem, and the current team I have is not completely dedicated.

First things to make sure you have are:
1. When learning basic things it takes a lot of time, school might get in the way, maybe a job or anything else.. Make sure you start during a holiday or a weekend (If you are a fast learner.)

2. Pick your software wisely, if you are going to make commercial products with it, make sure you have legal rights to and do NOT use a pirated copy or any other ILLEGAL software or copies. I would suggest for starters using Unity, C++/C# or Java.

3. Make sure you have a developing team ready, one person cannot handle everything (Texturing, modeling, coding, leading, fixing bugs, testing). It is possible to do it alone, but expect to use 3 years of work just to make a game that would get a 7.0/10.0 in reviews.

4. Have some basic knowledge. You must know PERFECT grammar in every language, because that is what you MUST HAVE in coding and scripting. Yes, no errors, no mistakes. You have to tell the machine EXACTLY what to do, a missing letter or forgetting to put some symbols can make the whole script not work. You must also have a understanding of how coding looks like, and things like lines, variables, values, functions, commands...

There, that's basically what you need.

Now, what you have to do, is:

1. Make sure your team is dedicated. If they only stay on the computer 30 minutes each day there will be no progress at all. Make sure you give them the suitable job that they can understand, take and do.

2. Whenever starting a new project, make concept, do tests for bugs, have your team ready, if not, you might have to cancel it later due to a sudden stop.

3. Always finish what you have assigned yourself to do, or else you'll never finish it. The only reason to stop working on it is if you have something more important (No, not entertainment. I meant something like school.)

That's basically all you have to know.

For those aiming to be modification developers, here is some information:

1. Your mods are ART, not commercial projects unless you get paid by someone to make one. A modification should NOT cost anything, that would be like paying 10 cents to see a tree.

2. It does not have to be the best quality. Even if it isn't as you expected it to be, release it and fix everything later on. The community and your fans will tell you what you should fix.

3. Listen to the ones who appreciate your work, so that you know what would be better to make for them. This applies to game developers too, but the people will buy your game anyway, so it isn't that important for game devs.

11/05/2011 10:50 am
Level 14 : Journeyman Cake
Thanks for this nice post.
I was thinking about start makeing a few mods myself but i've never made any befor.
I do know C# for ASP.Net, app programing and Unity and a whole lots of other programing languages. (php, MySql, Python, VB etc)
Do you know where to download Minecrafts API or is it even needed for mods for minecraft?
Please reply, thanks.
11/07/2011 9:52 am
Level 25 : Expert Dragonborn
There is a API called Minecraft Coder Pack which is needed. I currently have no link to it. You will have to learn javascripting too, and have a suitable code-editing software.
11/07/2011 10:41 am
Level 14 : Journeyman Cake
Awesome, thanks!

I know Javascript too, though im not that good at it.
I'll try see if i can find the minecraft coder pack.
What software are you useing? ;)
11/09/2011 9:47 am
Level 25 : Expert Dragonborn
I don't use any Java writing software or anything, I just use Unity (It has built-in Java Support) but I wouldn't recommend it for making minecraft modifications. Eclipse though is much better, I would recommend using that for modifications.
11/09/2011 8:10 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Cake
Okay thanks for your help.
I've tryed code a Mod for minecraft in Notepad++ but didnt go that well..
Kinda stop mid way in the project.
But i'll try look Eclipse up, thanks again for your help!
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