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How to be a Good Server Owner [Pop Reel :D]

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Drakeh avatar Drakeh
Level 45 : Master Nether Knight
I've gone through hundreds of servers where literally everyone treats you like crap. It really sucks. Why not be friendly? Why not make your players feel welcome so they can come back another day? Why lose your audience because you just don't want to be nice?

"Absolute power corrupts absolutely."

That quote up there means that if someone has absolute control over EVERYTHING, then all of that corruption will do harm to themselves and to what they have power over.

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power." -Abe Lincoln

That up there has got to be one of my favorite quotes ever. It makes so much sense it isn't even funny. If you really want to see the true colors of somebody, make them powerful.

This blog is on how to be a good, or better, server owner. Whether you're reading this for fun, or if you saw this and are looking to see what a good server owner is like, you might learn a thing or two. This isn't completely based on my opinion, I've had almost everyone on my server say I'm a fantastic owner. If you don't believe me, ask them.

Characteristics of a Good Server Owner

-You have to be friendly, and outgoing
-Ask your players if they need help
-Use emoticons sometimes ( (: or :) or :D ) it's a manner of sub-communication. Basically you sound friendlier when you use them.
-Ask your players how the server can be improved
-Interact with your players! Ask them if they want to play a round of an arena with you.

If a Player has a Question, Answer it

This really annoys me sometimes. Just recently I got onto a server and asked the Owner what Listener the server used for Votifier. He refused to answer. It's not like I asked if he could give me the programming and config for the server, I was just wondering what Listener he used. It's not exactly what he said, it's how he said it.

What he said:
"I'm not going to tell you what Listener we have. I do mind telling you."

What he should've said:
"I'd prefer just keeping it private. Why don't you search for Listeners? :)"

Doesn't the second one sound much friendlier? Damn. The point is that if a player asks you a question that doesn't hurt the server, than why not answer it?

Don't Shove the Rules in Player's Faces

This also irks me. I joined a server, then immediately instead of saying "welcome the server" the Staff and Owner stole the chat by telling me twenty rules instead of just asking me to read them. I didn't even get a chance to say "hi" before they said "we'll ban you if you break these rules!" It's not fun having everyone tell you to obey without you getting a chance to even check things out. Here's how to avoid this:

-Post your server rules somewhere in the spawn. Don't force your players to read them. If they break an obvious rule, then that's grounds for banning or suspension.

-Have a /rules list that players can read by option.

Be Lenient
I have been on servers where the Owner is the meanest, nastiest, most offensive person you can ever meet on the Internet. They would get so mad at players for doing the smallest thing. I witnessed a new player to a server I was on get BANNED just because that player broke one bloody block in the spawn on accident. One block!

Owners and Staff would just stress the damn rules so insanely hard, that you felt as if you were in a virtual prison. A prison created by George Orwell. If you used hardly any caps, you'd get muted for an hour.

My point is guys, just be lenient with your players. Don't stress your rules to the point that you become a ruthless dictator on a Minecraft server.

Always be Friendly
I can't stress this enough. To handle a good server you need to make sure everyone on your team (including yourself) is as friendly as can be. Never cuss at another player even if they cuss at you, and just look like a nice person in general.

Got a problem? Deal with it like a sir or lady. Don't be a butt about it. The psychology is that if a person is being stupid, and you're being nice to them, they will see how stupid they're being.

"It ain't what they call you, it's what you answer to."
- W.C. Fields

Thanks guys for reading!


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07/28/2016 12:12 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman Pig
PiggiesGoSqueal avatar
Part of this sounds like you're venting.

Some of the things are reasonable. Such as if a player uses caps on your server they get muted for an hour. Yes it's strict, but it keeps the rules enforced and followed. I've played on many servers (and have one in mind as I type this) that mute you for 5 minutes for breaking any chat rules and even that is inconsistent! The players don't get muted if the staff like them. People break the rules 24/7 because they can. They know they won't get in trouble and if they do, who cares? it's a 5 minute mute. Hell, even as one of the most active players and top donaters on the server I'd break chat rules literally all the time JUST to prove to the staff how completely useless that 5 minute mute is.

My point is, rules must be enforced. If they aren't people will break them all the time and not get in trouble. You can be lenient by giving them 3 warnings before a punishment. It's not a mean thing to do and it doesn't make you a "ruthless dictator".

And before you comment that you didn't say some of the things I mentioned. I know, I'm just sharing my views on this topic. I'm not saying your post is wrong or anything. :) <--- See what I did there? Eh? Eh? =P

Nice post.
06/14/2014 3:25 pm
Level 1 : New Toast
Pwn9 avatar
"Ask them if they want to play a round of an arena with you."

Tried that, ends up with me explaining that the items i used to fight them with were legit, and just because i won doesnt mean i was using my admin powers in my favor.
09/17/2013 6:27 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Architect
Poggis avatar
This only applies for small servers, once its a big server all the owners and admins don't care anymore about their players.
09/08/2013 7:45 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Network
BabyCaiks avatar
Well if you want to use a listener, just use enjin. It comes with a built-in listener!
08/27/2013 10:12 am
Level 40 : Master Geek
Ping0pong avatar
I am glad I already follow these rules :D. I have been told from several players that I am a nice Owner.
08/27/2013 6:23 am
Level 25 : Expert Hunter
bigf avatar
This is what I think all the time
08/26/2013 10:07 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Ranger
Polar_The_Archer avatar
That's why my gf and I have the power.. We are like this maybe Im a little to friendly.. Ill upload the server in a day or 2.. Hope you like it!
08/26/2013 9:01 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
your3798 avatar
You definitely seem to know what you are doing! This looks professional, neat & tidy, and you even included "'s from other famous people! And I agree 200%!
08/26/2013 5:00 pm
Level 17 : Journeyman Architect
Honey_Monster avatar
I have been a previous Server Owner and have been told that i am a brilliant Server Owner by the players that i have talked to and played with.

These are all extremely relevant to being a Server Owner. I have joined so many smaller servers and the Owners would change your nickname to something insulting, or they would start trolling you while you play. I leave these types of servers because i hate them doing this.

Another thing about the Owners and even the Staff of the server, they can be to strict. All servers have a rule of:

1. No Caps
2. No Excessive Caps

I have seen players who say something like this: "OH NO!" And the Staff or the Owner would say: "No Caps!"

I mean...come on, that is nothing. You need to lean back and not have to monitor the chat for every single thing that may be wrong, if it is small like what i mentioned above then there is no need to say something about it. It gets annoying.

That's all i have to say so far.

~ Honey_Monster
08/26/2013 6:43 am
Level 12 : Journeyman Vampire
Lord_Bloodoath avatar
<--- I already do 'em all haha xD
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